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Anyone have any experience with this camcorder or similar Sony AVCHD?

Mac Pro 2.8 Quad with 16GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    This site claims to have something that will convert it for you.





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    It doesn't appear to be compatible: http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/cameras/en/index.html


    But AFAIK the camcorders listed there are only the ones that have been tested ... others might still work.



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    So like I asked...anyone with REAL experience?

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    Posted elsewhere as well, but I would appreciate the help.


    Before I buy FCPX, I'd like to know if my camcorder 1080 / 60p files work.  Someone suggested I put them online via dropbox and post the link.  I would appreciate your help.


    In the archive, there are two things... #1 the complete backup of the media structure from the camcorder and #2 the file converted to a 60p mp4 via premiere elements via a tweak (to enable 60p editing).


    Can you edit the file without something like clipwrap?  Would you mind posting the file?


    What about clipwrap?


    Here's the link:





    - N

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    I second this request. About 6 months ago, I bought the same camcorder (Sony HDR-CX560), and iMac quad core, and Final Cut Express assuming that Sony Camcorders would work with FCE. It was a bad assumption and I'm still stinging from the major outlay of cash.


    The best way I've found to get my footage into FCE is to import it via iMovie (which sees my Sony camcorder) then bring those files into FCE.  Despite the camcorder supporting 1080/60p, I can't get iMovie to import that footage, so I'm stuck at 1080/30i if I want to edit it. It's not the elegant solution I was hoping for when I forked out all of that money.


    I'm prepared to move to FCP X right away if it improves this situation (and some of my HD export quality concerns). First I need someone to let me know if this camera (or one of the similar Sony HDR-CX series cameras is seen by FCP X and allows you to import HD (and hopefully1080/60p) video directly into the app. If it can't then you can add me to the list of people who are disappointed with FCP X, but at least I won't have wasted another $300.


    A 30-day trial version in the app store would be a great way to answer questions like these. Any real world experiences which anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.



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    In another thread, someone confirmed that it does NOT work.


    If you use clipwrap and convert it to prores or AIC it does.  I downloaded a trial version of clipwrap and perian.  Then was able to take a 60p file, convert it to AIC, edit in imovie, and export 60p but you need to select export via quicktime when you output it and manually change the settings.


    It works, but takes an extra step. Also, the color is desaturated from the original (a gamma quicktime bug).  Still Premiere Elements 9 works fine and does this for free (you have to edit a preset with text editor for it to do 60p, but works fine).


    So now, I'm wondering if it's worth $450 for FCPX.  50 for clipwrap, 400 for the FCPX,motion, and converter.


    Opinions anyone?

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    Thanks for the info.


    I ended up buying Final Cut Pro X. I'm still figuring out a lot of aspects of it, but I can confirm that the Sony HDR-CX560 is recognized by FCP X where it was not in FCE. I'm at least happy that I can easily import footage in 1080/60i and 24p. Hopefully they will add support for 60p in the future.

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    Media Converter is free...and it rewraps the files into editable files (imovie at least).  Now, I have Perian installed (not sure that makes a difference).


    But seriously, why would you shoot in 60i or 24p when you could shoot in 60p and convert it if you needed to?    

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    I would much rather shoot in 60p, but if it slows down my workflow with delays or extra steps, I know it will impact the number of projects I decide to do. I am a hobbyist and try to fit in a little editing for home videos, friend's birthdays, etc. in between work, family, and life. I know from past experience that when the workflow is cumbersome, I stop doing it or fall behind.


    I'm also concerned about any tool actually taking down the quality of the clip. If Media Converter is re-wrapping (as opposed to re-encoding) the files, then I guess it should be pretty quick and lossless.


    I'd be interested in your take on that.



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    I just bought CX560V.

    FCP X can import 1080p at 24p frame rate only. I recorded a clip at 60p and FCP X didn't find it. I used Sony's PMB S/W which shows and plays 60p recording. I tried to drag the recording. But PMB shouted to use iMovie. However, iMovie displayed icon with 60 and a red stop sign over it indicating it can't be imported.

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    Downloaded media converter and the plug in to re wrap avchd... It should work then.  you might need to install perian too.