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I'm looking for help and guidance. I'd be most grateful for any I can get.


I have just spent two weeks editing about 30 sales videos in FCP 7. These videos are an evolving feast as and when new testimonials, case histories etc enhance the message. That's the nature with this particular client. All have been graded, stabilized, etc, where required. Following final client approval in the next few days, the finished edits need to be rendered and then exported in various formats/media.


'Just the ticket for FCP X' I thought. With its 64-bit processing and background rendering this should be a breeze. Except, of course, FCP X cannot open the .fcp files.


Suggestions that I rebuild the projects in FCP X don't wash, as each sales video is compiled from an online database of over 3,000 source files that regularly get updated, with the selected clips exported to FCP via XML. And FCP X does not understand XML either.


So what am I supposed to do?


In the short-term I obviously have to stick with FCP 7 and do my rendering, etc, with that.


Given Apple has discontinued FCP 7 support I will not hold my breath for any more updates, ever, despite having waited over two years for one already (let's be honest, FCP 7 was a marginal upgrade to FCP 6). So in the long-term we're not going to see an update to this.


Sure, I can believe FCP X will get updates in due course, but the things that worry me here are that (a) the list of missing essential features is long, (b) Apple is not likely to publish any roadmap so I will be unable to make any kind of informed decision, and (c) meanwhile, the alternatives (both of which clearly focus more on the high end features) will have evolved yet another generation themselves. It begs the question: For business/broadcast users, how big will the gap between FCP X and Adobe/Avid get?


Look, I have no doubt that some very bright engineers have done a great job on the underlying technology behind FCP X. I'm sure it's brilliant, but this is not about cool technology, it's about getting the job done, on time and on budget. And at the moment FCP X seems a long way from even beginning to be a useful tool.


I'm just really annoyed that (a) I've been led to believe (by SJ and others) that FCP 7's update would be "awesome" and to "Stay tuned and buckle up", and (b) that by using the moniker 'Final Cut Pro X' it would indeed be a quantum leap over Final Cut Pro 7 (as the Get Info 'V.10' description states). I did not expect to go backwards in functionality (V.4?) and have apologists claim it was a "reset" and really just a Version 1 and to 'give it a chance'.


I'm stunned. Disappointed does not begin to describe my feelings.


At this stage I am $500 poorer, but I will get that money back from Apple. It's just a shame that it'll go straight into the coffers of Adobe.


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    russellfromauckland wrote:


    So what am I supposed to do?


    In the short-term I obviously have to stick with FCP 7 and do my rendering, etc, with that.



    Thank you,

    A lot of us are in the same boat as you.

    At the moment I have 3 wedding projects ongoing and need to be done before the end of this month.

    I will be continuing to use FCP 7 to finish these projects and more. In the meantime I'm reading watching learning this new FCPX and see what updates will eventually come. But as I learn I hope to help out in these forums and learn from others, but my work in the professional capacity will still be done with FCP 7 until I move fully to FCPX.

    I believe though that Apple will continue to update FCP 7 for the for the foreseeable future.

    There are a lot of users including in the professional capacity such as yourself a little frustrated to what appears to be limited functions in FCPX, that I understand, and may have a genuine gripe towards Apple to release a software with very little knowledge about it, but as we are users on this forum, we can surely help each other out.

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    russellfromauckland wrote:


    OIn the short-term I obviously have to stick with FCP 7 and do my rendering, etc, with that

    Well, FCP X needs to render as well. It does so in the background. Supposedly. The MOMENT you start editing, rendering will pause and then commence when you stop editing. Ha. The ONLY difference between FCP and FCP X in rendering is that FCPX starts to render automatically. In FCP you have to use a short-cut.


    Big Deal they made it. And it would have been if they had allowed CUDA cards. Then their advertisement would have been fair "No More Rendering"...


    BTW - Other apps have been offering such since years.


    Go Figure

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    One of the other concerns I have is the alleged treatment of third-party plug-in developers by Apple. Given many of us have a substantial investment in plug-ins (me with Core Melt in particular, but also others), I fear that if this is even half true, then said developers will not be rushing to update their tools for FCP X, particularly if they perceive the target customer is more consumer 'budget' orientated than pro.


    Clearly, part of the decision-making process about if and when to move from FCP 7 to FCP X is dependant on the availability of plug-in tools you have grown to use and love .........


    Perhaps a plug-in maker could comment on their thinking about migrating their tools to FCP X.

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    FXFactory, have just released version 2.6 with FCPX they work like a dream in FCPX and motion 5.

    I use also coreMelt, but no news from them yet, time will tell, but I don't think we will be too disappointed on the plugins that will/should become available.

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    Hi Russell & Anthony,


    GenArts' latest product, Sapphire Edge, will support FCP X. Sapphire Edge was pre-announced at the London SuperMeet last week, and will be available for X by August. This is a new GenArts plug-in built with busy pro video editors in mind who need to get film-quality looks quickly and easily. Sapphire Edge for FCP 6 & 7 is scheduled for release this week.


    The next major release of our main flagship offering GenArts Sapphire will support FCP X as well, and that is coming soon so stay tuned!

    If you would like to be notified with news and updates on either product you can sign up for our GenArts newsletter.


    - Alison