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I like WoW and im thinking of buying 11' air withh 128gb memory can WoW run on it

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    I don't play the game myself but if it is processing power- hungry you might want to get a different mac with a better processor and memory. The point of the Air is light use and portability, not heavy use and processing power. The SSD does make it faster though.

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    Hi Sami,


    The NVIDIA 320M that's in the current generation MBA will handle WoW just fine. I would, however, recommend upgrading the RAM from 2GB to 4GB if you intend to game on the machine. That extra RAM gives you flexibility to multi-task if you so choose.


    While I personally don't own an 11" MBA, when I was shopping for mine I spent a couple of hours in an Apple Store one night with WoW and SC2 on my external drive playing it on the various MacBook Airs they had on display.


    It comfortably got in the mid 20s to 30s (FPS). I will say, though, I absolutely hated it on the the 11" screen. As a tank (prot pally) with all of my various raid/group add-ons and such my viewable screen real estate was incredibly small. I suppose I'm spoiled because I'll usually play with my portable hooked up to a 21" or 24" monitor.

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    Sami.Hsn wrote:


    I like WoW and im thinking of buying 11' air withh 128gb memory can WoW run on it



    You can run it, but you won't be happy, no performance and a very small, annoyingly glossy screen.


    Get the 2.2 ghz 15" MacBook Pro high res anti-glare with the 1GB Radeon 6750M, it does WOW on full settings over 70 fps.


    You can even 3D game some light games in Windows in a virtual machine in OS X.


    Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 10.40.02 PM.jpg

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    My wife has the 13" with  the smaller SSD (128GB I believe) and she loves it for WoW. It's light, long lasting, with a great screen.  I'd highly recommend it.  If you're concerned about the processors, the new Airs with the upgraded processors are likely to come out very soon, according to the rumors.  However, the lower end 13" MBA can be confirmed as running WoW very well.  I also agree with the recommendation to upgrade to 4GB of memory.  Good luck with your decision!

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    where can i get the Wow software online??? im desperate here... -_-

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    I've been running WOW cata on a MBA 11" 128 for over a year and I get great performance smooth gameplay graphics look great and no slowdown what so ever in 40 man raids my only complaint is the 11" screen alot or realestate is covered with addons and UI get a bar mod to scale the UI down some and it's better. but it runs great and I've had no issues at all with default wow settings.

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    You can download the WoW software  at Battle.net