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  • grandtheadmiral Level 1 (5 points)

    That's the best thing we can do, @verstaerker - keep sending Apple feedback. I emailed Tim Cook one day as I was so frustrated, and wrote a concise, polite request for more attention to this overall problem. I got a phone call from his executive department the next day, which was pretty cool. They requested I send in all my crash and hang logs (which was interesting because that day FCPX had crashed probably 5 times, but the latest crash file was dated the day before... There were clearly a lot of missing crashes and hangs.)


    I also made a screencap of some of my beach ball issues and posted the video privately on YouTube, then sent the exec dept the link. The video was watched 12 time, and they said they forwarded it to the FCPX engineers - so somebody there knows what's up.


    I have full confidence they are working extremely hard to resolve this. Apple made a promise last year to have Multicam released by January, so to keep that promise they rushed 10.0.3, to our pain. But if we're patient I am positive .4 will be a heaven-send.


    In the meantime, we've got to tip-toe around FCPX to get our paying work finished on time, without smashing the screens of our computers.


    * Since eliminating MP3s from any of my new projects, I experience less beach ball issues. Convert all audio to AIF or WAV. App crashes like a mofo still tho.

  • grandtheadmiral Level 1 (5 points)

    Memory is most defintately NOT the issue, whether you have 4GB of ram on a MacBook Pro or 32GB on a beefy Mac Pro, the problems persist unchanged. This has been confirmed by other topics on this forum.

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    i'm not really sure if it's not about memory .. as i installed 8gb in my mbp and since that all long beachballs are gone


    but as i did several things, something else could have been the cause


    but definatly it's something wich appeared with the 10.0.3 release (at least for me



    the story about emailing tim cook and that apple responded is very encouraging

  • kevinfromspringfield Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree. I followed everything in this forum with minimal success. Finally, after watching the beach ball for two straight hours the day before a huge deadline I spent $200 I didn't have to upgrade from 8G to 16G. it worked like magic and we finished the project to great reviews. That was in December after beating my head against a wall for six months. If I could do it all over I would have upgraded memory the same day I purchased FCP X. You can't have too much with this product.

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    Hi Guys,

    i have 2x2.66 Ghz 6-core intel

    32 gb ram

    ati radeon HD 5870 1024 MB

    run latest fcp x and Lion...


    that said. FCP X is becomming more and more unresponsive. i have work to finish but its becoming impossible, the beachball is there more and more it seems.

    i though from the begnning fcp x was sluggish but now its a joke.i did install some plugins. maybe that is the issue as well.

    though mosts i disabled now using digital rebellion.

    infact i used to run the programm as soon as i had an issue and i could work againw ith it. but this time, even digital rebellion doesnt seem the help.

    am desperate, maybe i have to go back fcp 7.0



  • Raphael Brand Level 1 (0 points)

    that i soooo great that you did that!!

    I hope they come soon with a solution. even my digital rebellion app that usually solves the issue doesnt help anymore...but it also might cause i am not using it completely properly and i did install some plugins that might cause issues.

    i wrote digital rebellion about it and i got an immediate response, amazing. i must say before everytime i had an issue with fcp x i ran their software and it worked again everytime. here is the reply i got from them:


    Hi Raphael,


    Beachballs seem to have increased with the 10.0.3 update. I would recommend running QuickFix and if that doesn't solve the issue, use FCS Remover to remove FCPX and then reinstall again from the App Store.


    You could also try:

    * Trashing caches in System Toolkit

    * Using Plugin Manager to disable third-party effects

    * Use the Font Book app that comes with OS X to check for corrupt or duplicate fonts

    * Moving other projects and events out of the Movies folder (you can also use the third-party app Event Manager X to accomplish this)



    Jon Chappell.

    CEO, Digital Rebellion LLC.

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    Hi Guys. I know this is not good news and good news.


    Well I made a backup of all my events and projects and did a new reinstall.


    Then I imported about 15 minutes of raw footage 25f 1080p from the Nikon D800 DSLR 24/mbits.

    Everything is working NEAR smoooooth. Beachball is only 1 max 3 seconds now.

    And this is with native h.264 MOV Nikon Video files. They have not been rendered beforehand.


    I have only this codec in my events and projects.


    I was rather stunned to learn this, cause normally its a heavy task to "unpack" the h.264 to PRORES.

    But not here.


    So I am now rather curios to think, that it could be certain codecs, that are slowing things down. (IOW, Apple and third parties havent written the codec support, as they should)


    So maybe we can write down the codecs that were present in our events and projects at the same time Final Cut Pro X is unresponsive and see if there is a pattern.


    Please list your codecs present in your Final Cut Pro X and let us know if your one of them with slow performance or good performance.


    Unresponsive and I had the following codecs present.

    SONY XDCAM EX 35mbit, Linear PCM

    Panasonic DV


    Now I reinstalled and currently only have one video codec.


    Working Great

    Nikon D800, h.264, Linear PCM

    WAV 44100 Khz.


    You can see the name of your codec in thumbnail list view and by enabling the column CODECS, by ctrl clicking the column list header and choosing codecs.



    Lets hope, apple wakes up soon and fixes this.


    Atb Sofus Comer

  • Dan-te's Inferno...and Bakery! Level 1 (0 points)

    I might actually be able to help with this one.


    Are you running Final Cut Pro X in fullscreen mode? If so, try just working in the normal window mode. I personally noticed the application running significantly smoother in general. Things just felt "zippier", and I didn't have NEARLY as many beach balls. This could be my brain doing mental gymnastics to convince myself I found a fix, but having been using the application in non-full-screen mode for the past couple days, I really do feel it resolves alot of the sluggishness issues. Maybe its a bug? Who knows.


    And to everybody commenting about using 7 still, or that X is "zomg so bad it ***!": I've used FCP for the past 10 years, including getting 100% on the various certification exams to keep things up to date. I've cut on Avid, Premiere, even learning Smoke. As somebody who loves editing, there's a great deal more I like about FCPX than dislike. Yea, it's got some more growing. But for an editor, it's got the tools you need. And now you've got some nice built-in DAM and media management functionality. You just might need to approach some edits differently. Is it perfect? Nope. Do I love things like background rendering, hotkey-based Keyword assignment, and Auditions? Very very very much so.


    So yea, just sayin': keep things in perspective. (but yea, Apple, you really do need to stay on top of updating this. If months go by and these things aren't being addressed, it'll be a different story.)


    - Dan

  • BROOKLYNTREEZ Level 1 (120 points)

    100% agreed, Its already brilliant and Its going to get much better!


    1 thingy that keep itching me is the Viewer that keeps jumping to 110% or 'Fit' etc, instead of staying at 100% like I kindly asked you,


    but I still love you X.

  • ndumais Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to be negative !


    But at less than 24 hours of a deadline, my 2-hour FCP X project is no longer available. Anything I try to do just starts de spinning wheel, no matter if I restart the application or  reboot my 8 core MacPro under Lion.


    I started my day OK this morning, then at around 9, the spinning curse started. It's now 12:30 and there's no change.


    I don't know what to do.


    The local Apple Store say they can't help me since I didn't pay for what they call «One on One» training, In forums like this one, I find people in the same position as I, and the few solutions I can read do not apply to my configuration. As for Apple, they do what they're good at, not acknowledging the issue. Finally, my buddies can't help me because they use other editing software, including FCP 7.


    I tried FCP X for 30 days, started my project while learning it, I loved it and I bought it. I've installed no third party plug-ins, nothing, It's a pure clean Apple installed program.


    And it no longer works.


    I fell sorry that I bought it.

  • grandtheadmiral Level 1 (5 points)

    @ndumais, what audio file types are you using in your project? If MP3s are in use, try replacing them all completely with WAVs. Also, disable Time Machine, just for the time being. Just a couple ideas.

  • Sulis30 Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you tried just setting up a user account for editing? That way you'll have nothing on there other than your project.


    It's not a great solution, for all sorts of reasons, but if I had a critical project and had run into the same sorts of problems you had, that's what I'd do...

  • ndumais Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Grandtheadmiral,


    My audio files are  AIFF all cleaned in Adobe Audition. And yes, my Time Machine is disabled.


    There has to be a solution.

  • ndumais Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Sulis30,


    I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but I'll surely see if I can give it a try.

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