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    I have similar things happen to me as well. I just bought a NEW 15" Macbook Pro 2.4GHZ 8gb ram, updated graphics card just to edit movies with this program. Even when it says nothing is rendering I still can not play it back without something lagging so much it is unbearable to watch. What is the solution to this? I have tried compounding clips and it helped a little, but then some of my timeline got messed and I had to re-edit that sequence. BIG INCONVENIENCE!

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    Apple is making a mint off of this software... not from software sales but from people upgrading their trying to use a very buggy program. Amazing Apple would release this software without rigorous testing.


    If nothing else Apple should at least post a free guide on how to use this program correctly so users won't be running out purchasing new hardware.


    Unless that's a one of the functions of FCPX.

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    Apple is making a mint off of this software... not from software sales but from people upgrading their trying to use a very buggy program. Amazing Apple would release this software without rigorous testing.


    If nothing else Apple should at least post a free guide on how to use this program correctly so users won't be running out purchasing new hardware.


    Unless that's a one of the functions of FCPX.


    Ha. There is truth to this... between FCPX and Lion killing the battery of MacBook Pros (have you seen that huge thread???), Apple hasn't descended quite this low since it released the dreaded Powerbook 5300's.


    It's really weird how just about anything one buys in North America these days is either broken, or doesn't last, whether it's a toaster or software. The global economic crisis is only the fruit of a culture that has put profit ahead of quality... nothing a revolution won't turn upside down.



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    Final Cut Pro X was awesome until I upgraded to Lion.  Then FCPX became extremely slow.


    I confirmed this with 3 iMacs I own.


    I bought a new 21.5" iMac (with Lion preinstalled) -  FCPX ran extremely slow...every mouse movement produced a beach ball.


    I have 2 other 21.5" iMacs (bought in 2011) - 1 running snow leopard and the other one I upgraded to Lion.

    The iMac running snow leopard with FCPX works perfectly. 

    The iMac that was upgraded from snow leopard to Lion performs like the new iMac (with lion preinstalled) other words it runs very very slowly.  To be more precise - moving clips around and editing causes the beachball....sometimes it can take 3 or 4 minutes for it to unfreeze.


    Any apple reps reading this...please take a look at FCPX and there a memory problem??  FCPX is awesome without this conflict. 


    I have edited over 200 videos just last year on the iMac...FCPX worked perfectly on snow leopard...with Lion it barely moves along.


    There is definitely a conflict with Final Cut Pro X and Lion



    (have I inserted enough keywords for this to be picked up by search engines so we can hopefully have some resolve)


    I love my apple products, 3 iMacs, 1 MacBook,  2 iPads and an iPod Touch...seriously they are fabulous...but this problem is really painful.

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    I have a MBP on Lion 10.7.3 - 2.2Ghz i7 with 8GB ram 1333DDR3 and my files are stored on a promise Thunderbolt RAID 5 with 4TB of space.


    I have been using FCPX since it came out and have done all the updates. The bad thing is that I absolutely love FCPX - so much that I even use it thru all the nonsense. I keep waiting for the NEXT AMAZING UPDATE that will fix it.


    number 1 -

    I edit a radio show on this which means all audio. once I render out the mp3 I actually have to listen to the whole thing to make sure none of the audio tracks randomly drop out! usually its at a new cut where music is underneath and the new cut fades up slowly after a few seconds of nothing! I have to go back in the app and slightly slip the edit over and it fixes it


    number 2 -

    I notice that after using FCPX for any length of time, especially after rendering out a project that when I come back to it after being on, say Safari, that it takes a good 2 minutes at least for the rainbow wheel to stop and actually be responsive. most of the time I'm in the habbit of Force Quitting the app multiple times thru the day. this is rediculous.


    number 3 -

    for some reason certain projects will not export using compressor - send to compressor. I will click it and compressor doesn't open - nothing happens. I end up having to export movie and then use compressor to compress that movie - major waste of time especially when I have 7 projects to export and its a 14 step system and I have to wait for each Proj to export before I can send to Compressor


    I would also like to note that I have a second machine that is a 12 core with 24GB of ram, internal hardware RAID for the OS disk along with a Fiberchannel RAID 5 scratch disk - this machine does all the same nonsense that is stated above. it is also running Lion


    unfortunately I still love the organization, fast rendering, scrubbing and other great realtime features of FCPX that I still put up with all this crap. I've been told that Adobe Premier is the way to go but I love this program - will Apple Please Address this Program??




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    Hi Aaron

    Good and examplary post. I can second motion all the errors you are describing.

    And most of all the will to stay with FCPX, but not for ever.


    However, I would also make sure to send exactly your post to support / feedback as well. Apple does not read these posts...


    Or at least it does not seem so.


    Atb Sofus

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    thanks Sofus,


    how do I do that? I'm sure this is a dumb question - I've actually never used this site before and assumed Apple did read these. but I definately want to get the info to them. I would be elated to have a FCPX that was stable!!!

  • Sofus Comer Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Hi Aaron

    They have an official feedback form here.


    I´ll try not to take away hope, but the way apple are treating customers, after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on faulty equipment and very buggy software, and then just totally ignore you once you complain is just not good at all.


    As MaryPlaceStudio say further up, maybe its time for a revolution.


    The way I will make a revolution is to stick with the semi functioning mac book pro "Only one faulty Superdrive and one defect USB port". Until the reputation has changed or the crisis has turned everything around to something better.


    PS, I have purchased mac equipment for more than 20.000 USD the last 11 years and of that, apr. 35% has been without errors.

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    Hi Aaron,


    Apple have actually added the facility to provide feedback inside the Final cut pro menu when you open the software.





  • aaronweinzierl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks I just submitted it! ya I work for a church and we spend $10,000+ per year and always upgrade to the latest of everything including Apperture, FCP, iWork, etc. I wish they'd just get these bugs out cause its a great application otherwise. very frustrating. Everytime an upgrade comes along I have great hopes. sometimes little things are fixed but the rainbow wheel after an hour of use still persists. seems like an easy fix!! I also report the Force Quit info everytime hoping they will see the probelm!!

    thanks for your help - fingers crossed...

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    yes Bluebomber I just submitted the isses - lets hope they actually look at it!!!

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    Sorry for this rant in advance but, I'm so glad that it seems like a global issue.

    This is what i wrote in my feedback: -


    Everything I seem to do in my projects cause the system to crash. Even moving the cursor, pressing spacebar, moving clips etc etc etc... cause my whole system to freeze. Activity monitor does not display any untoward behaviour so I am seriously worried that there are hardware to software compatibility issues. I believe in this product but I'm also worried that you have tried to push the boundaries beyond the capability of your machines or engineers. You tell me what I should do!


    I should be extremely angry at Apple for the countless sleepless nights this problematic software has caused me (Believe, if I could afford to buy an Avid set up I would right now) as I have deadlines to meet and if your product is not fit for purpose then I think you owe your early adopters like myself some form of compensation or gesture of goodwill otherwise you risk losing us. Hey, you've already lost half of your professional community to Avid and Adobe. Don't let this happen to the rest!


    It's obviously a race in this game, but you know the story about the tortoise and the hare...


    Rant over

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    Same issue here. Make a tiny change, beachball. I watch Activity monitor, and sometimes there is no apparent activity... harddrives are not reading or writing, RAM has 3 GB free, CPUS are mostly idle. I'll submit big report too.

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    Having similar issues here.  Downloaded FCP X from the Mac App Store to a 2011 purchased MacBook Pro (i5) 4 GB Ram with OS X Lion. Just working with a song, title and two short clips and constantly get the spinning beach ball or an error message that frames were dropped during playback.  I also use a 2010 purchased Duo Core iMac with Snow Leopard and Final Cut Pro X has run perfectly fine, zero spinning beach balls and no dropped frames on playback.  Now Mountain Lion comes out in June which means it will probably be 4 months before there's any hope of productively using FCP X on my MacBook Pro.  Even with Mtn. Lion... will it work???

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    Same issue here... just dropped $3k on a brand new MBP, pimped-out with all the bells and wistles. After upgrading to 10.0.3, I'm getting the beach ball practically all the time now. I can't even move to another application and then come back to FCPX without getting a beach ball. I've tried several of the "fixes" to no avail. Very disapointing when I've stood behind FCPX for so long, particularly when it appears to be getting worse now.


    Apple, I bought a fast computer to speed up my workflow - I rely on this stuff to earn a living and pay my bills. I'm a customer, not a beta-tester... but I feel like one.


    Perhaps FCPX will be fantastic in a year or two from now... but until then, I can't keep throwing away time and money waiting around for it. I'm closer than I've ever been to buying Premiere Pro so I can finally free myself from the frustration.

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