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From a Professional standpoint, the current version of FCPX is unusable on so many levels due to the absence of basic features that made FCP series the juggernaut it was until yesterday.


Here's my prediction of HOW Apple plans to distribute Plug-ins and Add-ons:


Apple is pushing towards a single, universal OS -- most likely a glorified iOS. And they're forcing FCPX users to upgrade to Lion so they have Appstore on their machines just to buy FCPX. Matter of fact, theyi're seeing more profit from Appstore/iTunes than their own computers! Ever since the success of the Appstore -- Apple/Jobs has been pushing to create products and services that will bring even more profit to the Appstore/iTunes business model.


Hence the release of the iPad and the development of iPad apps -- and the move to with OSX Lion.


The reason for this is so that Apple can take their flagship software like FCP --- and monetize all 3rd-party plug-ins and add-ons.


SO, once Apple has a consumer using FCPX, if they want Multi-cam or Import/Export features -- you will have to buy it as an add-on and sell all FCPX plug-ins and add-ons THROUGH THE APPSTORE.


Furthermore -- Apple will most likely force all 3rd-party developers to build plug-ins for FCPX as an APP -- and sell it THROUGH THE APPSTORE -- where Apple gets 30% commission -- stealing that money away from the developers, who in the past with FCP7, you were able to purchase directly from the developer.


SO -- FCPX isn't a revolution in editing....



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    I can't say I agree with you, but it's not that far fetched of an idea. Pay only for the advanced features that you need. But then it makes it difficult to move a project to a studio that doesn't have the same plug ins.


    If you turn out to be correct I would like you to read my palms and tell me when I'm going to die.  LOL

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    this is pure logic to me. You will be right but....to have many people buying plugins, your core object must be wanted and sold a lot. So Apple has to make sure the the Core FCPC can stand on its own, than add functionality where needed. But that Core package is out of synch...the balance is missing

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    I'm with lipaie. Multicam function is not something that should be a plug in. But I can see magic Bullet being sold via the app store.

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    FX Factory has a new version of their software, for final cut pro x.


    They release it yesterday.


    Thanks Noise Indust.


    Also check out their video, on how to find their plug-ins, in "X"

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                                                                           1984 becomes reality

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    darn - i thought i was "onto something" ;p


    it makes a helluva draconian conspiracy plot -- if i was Apple, that's what I'd do. Guess that makes me draconian.


    will check it out russ.


    glad to hear that 3rd party plug-ins are available 3rd party..... for now.....

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    Apple is pushing towards a single, universal OS -- most likely a glorified iOS.


    No they are not. OS X is a far more developed, powerful and mature OS than iOS. There is no sign that it is being some reduced in power in any way.There's a whole lot of fokks claiming it is simply because a few interface features from iOS are being added  - note added - to OS X.


    And they're forcing FCPX users to upgrade to Lion so they have Appstore on their machines just to buy FCPX.


    Well I hate the argue but that's factually untrue as well. No FCPX users are not forced to upgrade to Lion. Snow Leopard users can buy FCPX today, long before Lion is introduced.






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    Just so you know, as a developer, I can say that I plan on updating my FxPlug plugins to run under FCX/Mo5. Apple made that harder by not releasing any info to normal little guy developers like myself and most others until after FCX came out. Evidently FxFactory have better connections and were able to have theirs ready when FCX came out.


    Patrick Sheffield

    Sheffield Softworks