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Gunfighter Level 1 Level 1

I made a few test projects and tried to share it via share - apple device - macs and pc - and checked the button for share to itunes as well. None of my 4 projects has so far been able to be shared. I get an error message. In the share monitor the failed projects still show up, it seems there is no way to remove them.


I cant understand why my projects doesn¨t get shared either.



  • Gunfighter Level 1 Level 1

    Quicktime error - 2045 is what it says when I try to share projects. ANyone had similar issues?

  • Kristerfromtorslanda Level 1 Level 1

    Got the same error trying to share a HD 1080p video sharing compressor setting, only thing changed was the bitrate (from 20000) to 18000.


    With the standard settings there is no error.

  • London_Mark Level 1 Level 1

    I'm also getting repeated errors.  The failed processes eventually disappear from the list, but I don't understand why the vast majority of my share requests show errors.  I have had quicktime error -50 several times, and also one project that keeps getting stuck after 95%.  It's only a couple of minutes long.  The last part of the log shows this: 

    msg="Postprocessing job."></mrk>





    Which makes it look as if it thinks it has finished when actually it hasn't.


    There have also been countless other errors.