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Benjamin Freedman Level 1 Level 1

So, that's it for me so far with FCP X.... Got to either stick with FCS3, or head to Adobe...


Today I was working on my first FCP project. I did about 3hrs work this afternoon, and then quit for a while. Everything was fine...


Then I launched it again, and did around 3hrs more work. Of course, there's no 'save', so I'm just assuming everything is 'saving' along fine. I noticed that the 'skimming' feature didn't seem to be working anymore, so I quit FCP X, and then re-launched it (no error messages, or anything).


All of a sudden, my project is back to where I FIRST quit 3 hours ago! 3 hours of work just disappeared in 20 seconds!


Can anyone suggest why this may have happened? If I can't trust this software to do something as basic as just SAVE my files, what good is it at all?


Frustratingly yours....



MacBook, MacPro, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • phonax Level 1 Level 1

    Ben, I thought that this was my own fault for being inexperienced with FCP X. I too could not find the save and I was done, playing (you can't work with it). I restarted it a few hours later only to find it had not been saved to the last changes I'd made. I thought it was the last save-point but I am not alone not finding the save function and losing work.

  • FlossMonster Level 1 Level 1

    If you go in the project window, there are options to duplicate project and you can also drag an drop your project to a backup drive and it will create a duplicate there for you to.  I'm guessing this is the replacement for 'save as'?

  • RedHavoc Level 3 Level 3

    I think the whole point is, you shouldn't HAVE to do that!

  • Joe Urbz Level 1 Level 1

    This has happened to me twice already on a 3 hour edit. I want the original FCS3 Auto Save based on minutes back, not this "trust the software to save everything" part. How hard is it to bring back SAVE AS?

  • nlbford Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, just what Editors really need, to have to jump through hoops doing a workaround simply to make sure their work is properly saved.


    Does anyone really use "save" anymore? It's so archaic. It's like using a floppy drive these days. And how arrogant of Editors to assume the work they did was worth saving. One of the "magical" innovations of FCPX it's ability to critique your cut and save you the embarrassment of having to see your work the next time you view your project. FCP has the spectacular ability to revert your project back to the point that FCP last thought you were on the wrong tarck, thus allowing you to restart your work at that point rather than continue with your poor decisions.


    I always say, if the cut was worth doing the first time, it's worth having to recreate it again because FCPX didn't think it was "final" and thus refused to save it.

  • FlyTiger Level 1 Level 1

    I lost 6 hours of work from yesterday. Not only were the "autosave" edits gone, but many of the markers no longer line up.   There are many things I really like about X but I cannot deal with lost or corrupted work.  That is simply a showstopper.


    I cannot believe that Apple would allow something so bad out the door.  I sure hope the people responsible for this mess are soon asked to depart Apple. Maybe they could work for Microsoft.

  • Brett Maritn Level 1 Level 1

    The biggest issue I am having is that all of by text is just dissapearing.  I have a 5 minute video that had 4 of the Keynote text transitions and everytime it crashed (8 times) I would lose 50 to 80% of the text and formating that I had done.  It was also very random as to what it decided to keep, and delete.


    I have found a way to prevent it from crashing.  You must let it complete each and every background render.  So this has made background rendering completely useless.  Make a change, wait 1 to 3 minutes.  Another edit, wait.


    I guess this is not one of the projects that Steve Jobs keeps tabs on, because this is not only not ready for prime time, it is closer to Alpha software, maybe first Beta.


    I not only want my money back, I want to be compensated for the last 3 days of pain and suffering trying to get 3 small projects out the door.

  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    If you can Brett please make a full report with crash logs to feedback. Maybe.

  • Brett Maritn Level 1 Level 1



    I have sent everything over to Apple.  As a long time user, I've never seen them do anything quite like this in the last 5 or 6 years (except maybe mobileme, but even that wasn't on this level).


    After my post 10 minutes ago, I opened up FCPX to start an new project.  I duplicated one that took me 10 hours yesterday, and again, some of my text and formating is hosed (I checked the original, and it is hosed also).


    If everyone is having the same issues I am, that over the last 10 days each FCPX user has submitted for 50 to 100 crash reports. 


    I would hope that this is made a priority.  Forget about the missing stuff.  Just fix all the bugs first.


    BTW:  Look forward to checking out your training materials. 



  • Mark Hubert Level 1 Level 1

    That's it for me too. I've had the same experience as Ben. Started a "road test" project. Worked about an hour. Shut down. Came back and boot up - everything was as I left it (which wasn't much) Worked around for another couple of hours trying to figure out this very un-intuitive program* and while tweaking the color of an inserted color generated effect... crash. On relaunch the project was back to when I first restart working.... So in two hours the auto-save didn't autosave?!


    This is arrogant and stupid. Years of command S muscle memory is way better than some "auto-save"



    *At least for a pro editor that goes back to a real blade and a KEM. This program is starting to smell of a developer that either thinks they are smarter than we are or who's writing a new program for someone else.... iMovie users.


    Luckily I'm only out $299 and a few hours. It was never my intention of working on this program for my work.


    FCP studio 3 was a sucker punch when they released that only to have it not able to take advantage of Snow Leopard. I was really looking forward to see FCP use all my cores and RAM.


    While I work on my jobs in FCP7 and wait for FCPX + Lion to reveal it's true destiny. I think I'll start playing with Premiere and AVID just in case Apple is kissing us off.

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    This isn't a fix, but on another thread someone reported that if the "undo" menu item is grayed out, that's an indication that your work will not be saved. Someone tried freeing up space on their main HD (up to 25GB) and that seemed to help. It may be that FCPX silently stops working if it's own internal caching for auto-save/undo gets filled?

  • Alexiumz Level 1 Level 1

    I'm unfortunately having both the undo and not saving problem. The undo menu button is greyed out and cmd-z will not work either. Huge huge pain when working, any mistake, no matter how big or small, has to be manually corrected, a massive frustration when you accidentally delete a clip you've been working meticulously on for over an hour because you weren't able to undo the small changes you keep making!


    I've read that thread about making sure you have at least 25GB free, however I can report that this does not work for me. I have over 200GB free and yet the problems persist.


    I really desperately wanted to like FCPX, the media management such as proxy media, keyword collections and the like are fantastic, really helpful for working on a 90 second promo film with over 15 hours of footage! But here I am struggling along with getting individual clips the way I want them... and yet still with no way to save once I'm done for the day.

  • the black sun Level 1 Level 1

    I think the 'always saved' ability is something thats built into OSX Lion. FCPX was made for Lion. I'm sorry people haven't realised that yet. 

  • Brett Maritn Level 1 Level 1

    I think we all know it is supposed to be there.  It just doesn't work. 

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