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Ok, I have a question - something I haven't had a chance to try myself.


Background rendering... I assume this will always start from the beginning of your timeline and work it's way through?


I understand when you begin playback, background rendering is paused?


So what happens if you have a really long timeline loaded with stuff that needs rendering, and you want to quickly be able to playback something near the end of the timeline?


Is there a Render Selection option like FCP7?

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    BG Render does not only pause when you hit play. It pauses when you skim, select etc. Just about pauses ALL the time IF you do anything. If you do nothing it does NOT pause.


    That is why I say that selling FCPX as "Rendering belongs to the past" is a lie. Only difference 'tween rendering in FCPX and FCP is that in FCP you have to do it manually.


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    you do have some control; you can cancel rendering tasks so that the one you want to have happen will occur first. you can also reduce the delay time before background rendering starts -- it defaults at 5 seconds of idle time, and you can reduce that all the way down to 0 seconds (it seems). You can also disable background render; I'm not sure what that would do (e.g., maybe offer you manual controls?)

  • RedHavoc Level 3 Level 3 (770 points)

    A clunky workaround - I'll try disabling!

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    The fortunate thing is that most things that require rendering can be played without rendering.


    Most, not all, some of the heavy duty generators freeze up the playback.

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    i was going through all the keyboard shortucts and looks like there is one for render selection. control-r http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.0/#ver90ba5929

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    How do you disable rendering?

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    looks like you can do it in preferences > playback tab, & uncheck background rendering