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MacBook Pro. 4GB to 8GB.


  1. Introduction
  2. "Cost-Benefit Analysis"
  3. Features
    1. Boot Time: Is it affected by the upgrade?
    2. Applications
  4. Conclusion


1. Introduction


Greetings, today I am going to discuss the positive and negatives aspects about the

upgrade that many are tempted to perform, before during and after the purchase of an Apple

Personal Computer i.e. MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and so on.


I am going to use my first and recently bought MacBook Pro as a "guinea pig" today

by performing and reviewing the upgrade from 4GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) to 8GB.

I hope you all enjoy it and that this review is useful to you as a guide to aid your decision

to upgrade or not.


Well let's get started shall we?


2. "Cost-Benefit Analysis"


We all know how expensive Apple Computers are for the vast majority of the population,

however I am sure if you are here you do appreciate, like me, the reasons why such cost,

but this is another discussion. Let me focus.


The first option we have right off the bat is to do the upgrade as we purchase the machine,

which is offered to you when you order online, through the phone or buy it directly from an

Apple Store.











I did consider upgrading directly with Apple for the obvious reasons but unfortunately

I wasn't able to this time, the £160.00* upgrade price was a little too high for me, not overpriced,

just a little too high for me. (* or $200.00 USD)


So here is what I have done: I have acquired the part from a third part company which

offered the so called upgrade for £59.99. So I decided to give it a go, before you ask my

warranty will not be voided as RAM and any user replacable parts DO NOT void your

equipment warranty as stated by Apple®.



As you can see the specifications of the product match perfectly what is already inside

a MacBook Pro. But obviously still won't be as good as the 8GB from Apple.


Now to the benefits. rest assured that this upgrade will not be noticed by all of you, and

what I mean by that is: If you only use your Mac for browsing the web or office suites, you do

not need this upgrade, however if you do heavy video or image processing or anything that

requires that little bit extra, you will notice the difference in performance baring in mind that

this model of MacBook Pro has no dedicated graphics card therefore upgrading is a fantastic

way to avoid "paging" and I think for 60 bucks that is a bargain.


3. Features


RAM is constantly used by the system, obviously, serving as temporary storage and

working space for the operating system and its applications.


You may or may not know that most computers use something called "virtual memory"

is a method that consists of a portion of the system's hard drive being set aside for use as

a paging file that extends ram capacity. I.e. 4GB of RAM + 1GB of Paging file gives a system

a total of 5GB of memory available. Obviously upgrading from 4GB to 8GB will enable you to

have more memory without "sacrificing" a part of your hard drive.


RAM is used in numerous others ways on a computer.


3.1 Boot Time: Is it affected by the upgrade?


| To be updated soon. |


3.2 Applications


     | To be updated soon. |


4.0 Conclusion


| To be updated soon. |



















































MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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Do not post these kind of discussions as questions because they're not. Up above where you post you will find a check box that says "Mark this discussion as a question." All you have to do is uncheck that box and post.



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    Hi all,


    I am having a little trouble on removing the 10 (ten) screws.


    For now, we're gonna have to wait for a delivery of a Phillips 00 screw driver.



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    Do not post these kind of discussions as questions because they're not. Up above where you post you will find a check box that says "Mark this discussion as a question." All you have to do is uncheck that box and post.



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    Hi Chris,


    sorry it wasn't really my intention, how do I edit the post?



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    Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 11.09.17.png

    3.1 Boot Time: Is it affected by the upgrade?


    I did not notice any differences, maybe some miliseconds more or less.


    3.2 Applications


            Applications it's a hard one to speak about, it seems to me that the system is coping more easily with tasks that require that little extra. Video and Photo editing and so on.


    4.0 Conclusion


             Is it worth it? The truth is for some people yes, for some definitely NOT. If you are looking for that little extra performance just to feel good about it, definitely do it! However if all you do is browse the web and the odd word processing and a few presentations a month, it may not be that beneficial for you. I believe that if you truly want some serious performance, look for the power processing first i.e. Get a 15'' or a 17''; even though they are a bit more expensive they are recommended for video editing and tasks that require high speed and performance.


              In terms of where to buy it from, I found that buying from the third party company Crucial was no different than what would have been from Apple itself, it is EXACTLY the same memory, I compared them both side a side and all the specifications and manufacturers where the same on the 4GB and the 2GB unit.


              Few things though guys:

        • Please be sure to use a good quality Phillips #00 Screwdriver, you DO NOT want to damage those screws and you want to have ease on opening the machine.
        • Please only install quality RAM.
        • Please discharge yourself of any static by wearing a Static Bracelet or touching a metal surface inside the computer.
        • Please be sure to turn OFF the computer "Shut Down", I repeat do NOT put it to sleep, SHUT IT DOWN.
        • Please be patient; do not rush things.


              That's it for my adventure  Upgrading my MacBook Pro RAM, guys I hope you enjoyed, sorry about the delay and enjoy your 8GB MacBook Pro, I certainly will.


    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



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    I'm running Lion on my late 2007 Macbook Pro 15'' (macbook pro 3,1). I was fed up of Lion wasting a lot of memory so I decided to upgrade from my 4GB to 8GB. But there is a problem, when I use the system with 8 GB, when memory use reaches around 3 GB of RAM, the cpu starts to collapse into a 100 % load (with nothing really) and many applications stop responding. The system starts to go really slow and CPU load continues to be 100 % even if you manage to kill almost al the applications.

    Why the machine recognizes the amount of RAM installed but it doesn't work?

    I think it is some kinf of limitation on the EFI, althought it is EFI64.

    Thank you ^_^

  • waltercarvalho Level 1 Level 1

    MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" June 2007


    *Apple officially supports a maximum of 4 GB of RAM but third-parties have been able to upgrade the system to 6 GB of RAM using one 2 GB and one 4 GB memory module.


    Hope this helps you mbernal.asc (:


    best regards,


    Walter Carvalho.