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I'm using FaceTime on my iMac, and often call my mom on her iPhone 4. Sometimes the audio would drop unexpectedly, even when we're not looking at other apps or using other programs. Is there a reason for this and can it be fixed?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Bump.  I have exactly the same problem.  I call my wife with my iPad2 to her MacBook Pro, and we'll routinely lose audio in mid-call for no discernable reason.  It's really annoying.

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    Third this problem- it's the mac side - you have to quit and reopen to get the audio back. No issues on iChat or Skype but of course Facetime's video, audio, and audio/video sync is the best (when it's working).

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    Same here.  Had this problem before iOS 5, so not related.  works b/t iphones no problem.  I can reproduce the problem by calling her iPad (pre and post iOS 5) or her iPhone (pre and post iOS 5), and/or if she calls me to my macbook pro (via email address). 


    Typically, everything works fine for a few moments, and then a "static sound" is followed by a loss of audio at the Macbook side.   The mic continues to work (as she nods her head saying "yes I can hear you") but no sound on macbook side.


    I've ruled out:  reboot (all sides), updates to iOS 5, multiple macbook pro updates.  change camera's/mics (I have displayport with apple monitor), she calls me vs. i call her, etc.


    bsgraupner is right; it's on the macbook side

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    Re audio drops: 


    Just realized my last post wasn't very clear.  Basically, anytime the macbook is involved the problem occurs. 


    The static sound I'm referring to happens every time.  It's like "strange analogue radio tuning sound crackle" and then poof!  no sound.  Video stays good.  Mic (out) stays good.  



    Almost reminds me of the old IRQ conflicts I used to get back when I was a PC builder....


    btw:  I've been all over the internet a few times about this, 2-3 months ago.  I'm glad the problem is catching on so we can get apples attention

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    I called Apple... they say to unplug your computer and run a full hardware diagnostic. They claim they have never had anyone else ever call in about the issue.


    Well I can tell you there is a definite issue with the FaceTime.app on any Apple computer. Very consistant intermitant drop of the voice only to one party. Could there be a buffer issue in the software logic???


    Not a firewall issue, not a setting with the ambient noice filter, does not matter the mic situation.


    All comes back to the APP. There is a bug or conflict with the FaceTime.App interfacing with the input signal on all Apple computers.


    Closing the App seems to consistently fix the issue until at a random interval the input voice with the person on the computer drops voice.


    PLEASE if your experiencing this issue take a moment to call Apple and let them know there is a real issue and if they could document the call in. MAYBE if enough of us call in they can take the appropriate steps to research and fix the issue.

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    Ditto here. Using Mac Snow Leopard. Anytime I use Facetime on the Mac to an iPad or iPhone, after a few minutes (it varies) my audio drops out and the other party cannot hear me. Only solution is to quit the FaceTime app and restart it. I've opened the Sound Preferences and can see that the mic is still receiving my audio, so it's clearly somewhere in the app or the connection protocol. Very frustrating flaw in an otherwise stellar service.

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    Another "voice" for the same problem - This occurs during every facetime connection. I am using a MBP (cable connection) and my wife is using an iPad2. No problems on my end hearing and seeing. She receives the video and the audio for about 10 mintes, then, the audio drops for no appearent reason. I have checked the sound perferrences and the mic is working fine. Have not been able to re-establish the audio from my side without disconnecting, closing Facetime, and then re-connecting. Someone at Apple has had to experience this same issue by now.

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    Big ole BUMP.


    Same has been happening with me whenever I Facetime with my sister on her Macbook.  We usually can't go over 15 minutes before she can't hear me any more.  Often once it happens, we can restart Facetime and get it to work, but then only for 5 minutes at a time before she loses me again. 


    For the longest time, we couldn't even determine on which end the problem was occuring. My mic or hers?  Her speakers? My wifi connection or her internet?  But it happened no matter if I was using my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad.  So after enough trial and error, we narrowed it down and now know it's definitely something with her Macbook.  We took it to an Apple Store and they worked with us for over an hour, then kept her laptop for a few days.  They replaced something (I wanna say the logic board, but I'll have to check on that), but we STILL have the problem.  They basically sent us away with a "Hmm.  Well, that *****.  Nothing we can do."  They also told us they've never encountered this problem before.


    Honestly, I'm kind of shocked the way Apple handled it.  I've never experienced that kind of attitude regarding an Apple product before.  Their customer service has always been stellar! (And yes, she's still covered via AppleCare, if you were wondering.)  This whole frustrating experience has really knocked my opinion of Apple Support services down quite a few pegs. 


    And every forum discussion I've found online has plenty of people asking about this, and no solution presented thus far!  C'mon Apple, help us out here!

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    I have a similar problem. Using a 2011 Macbook Air to Facetime with My mom who uses a 2011 iMac. I am running Mountain Lion on my Air - she has Snow Leopard on the iMac. About 15 minutes into a conversation her audio drops out completely. She can hear me but I can't hear her. This started when I upgraded my OS to Mountain Lion. We have to shut down Facetime and and open it again to get it to work - then it cuts out again (after about another 15 minutes). Love Facetime - wish this problem would get resolved.

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    Before I saw this post I created my own discussion: FaceTime from OSX (MacBook) frequently cuts out my voice for the listener


    ...which seems to be exactly the same problem as you mention.  Did you ever manage to get anywhere with this RobJames.com?  I've been talking to Apple about it since January and feel like I'm getting nowhere.