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Since the iPad comes "unlocked" can I use the data plan I have with my cellular carrier, T-Mobile?

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    Too bad....


    I won't change providers, and see no reason to have an AT&T contract just so I can use an iPad.


    The iPad is cool, but not cool enough for me to buy if I can't use it with T-Mobile.


    Maybe someday....

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    You can use it on T-Mobile (it isn't locked) but first:


    You do not enter into a contract with AT&T for your data plan on the iPad, with their SIM yo usethe app on the iPad, put in your credit card and it auto renews each month unless you use the app and suspend it. It is not a part of your cell plan.


    Back to T-Mobile, if the have a plan that will work with then iPad you can get a SIM from them and cut it down to work. Because T-Mobile uses a different frequency than AT&T (or any other GSM system in the world) you will only get EDGE speeds. You would be better off seeing if T-Mobile has a MiFi you can add to your account.

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    frank.simon3 wrote:


    I won't change providers, and see no reason to have an AT&T contract just so I can use an iPad.


    You don't have to change providers, nor do you have to sign a contract with at&t. Data usage on the iPad is month to month and it can be enable or canceled at any time right on the iPad.




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    You can get a T-Mobile hotspot or mifi plan. Then connect your iPad to the hotspot or mifi using wifi. Your iPad will then be connected to the Internet using the hotspot/mifi 3G connection.

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    iOS 7 now supports using your iPhone as a hot spot so you no longer need to mess with unlocking for SIM cards, adding a new carrier or suffering addtional charges on your existing T-Mobile plan.  And this work son wi-fi and cellular iPads.  This willl give you 4G-LTE speeds on the iPad (assuming your iPhone supports that speed).