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ok. so a few months into having my iphone it randomly stopped charging. i figured it was a the charger so i got a new one and all was well. but then eventually that one starting failing. sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldnt. it would go in and out. that stupid noise that happens when you start charging would go off every 5 seconds cause it charges and then stops charging and so on. so i bought two new chargers. within two months, they were both doing the same thing pretty much. with one, a message pops up saying "charging is not supported with this accesorry. and the otherrrr i have to like giggle it around, sqeeze the bottom on the plug thing, whatever. and sometimes it will work, i try to lay i t down slowly on my desk and it stops charging again! ive managed to get by the past few weeks by screwing with it for a few hours before bed till it starts working, but ive been at it for 3 hours now tonight and im fed up.

it doesnt work plugged into my computer, so its not the wall plug. i cleaned the connecting port, so its not that. and ive used multiple chargers! so i dont understandddd. i used my boyfriends charger one day and it worked, but then eventually it stopped working for mine. its like my phone is eating chargers or something. has this happened to anyone else????????? HELP

iPhone 3GS