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  Model Information:

  Manufacturer:          SMP

  Device Name:          bq20z451

  Pack Lot Code:          0

  PCB Lot Code:          0

  Firmware Version:          406

  Hardware Revision:          2

  Cell Revision:          158

  Charge Information:

  Charge Remaining (mAh):          6795

  Fully Charged:          Yes

  Charging:          No

  Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          6795

  Health Information:

  Cycle Count:          2

  Condition:          Normal

  Battery Installed:          Yes

  Amperage (mA):          48

  Voltage (mV):          12522


See the stuff in bold. i JUST got this machine yesterday via fedex. its a configure to order yes sure but my old CTO machine came with NO cycles on the battery and a capacity of 6900 (the design capacity of the battery)


should i file a claim against the battery? I sure feel like I should but i want further inputs.

MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.7)