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  Model Information:

  Manufacturer:          SMP

  Device Name:          bq20z451

  Pack Lot Code:          0

  PCB Lot Code:          0

  Firmware Version:          406

  Hardware Revision:          2

  Cell Revision:          158

  Charge Information:

  Charge Remaining (mAh):          6795

  Fully Charged:          Yes

  Charging:          No

  Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          6795

  Health Information:

  Cycle Count:          2

  Condition:          Normal

  Battery Installed:          Yes

  Amperage (mA):          48

  Voltage (mV):          12522


See the stuff in bold. i JUST got this machine yesterday via fedex. its a configure to order yes sure but my old CTO machine came with NO cycles on the battery and a capacity of 6900 (the design capacity of the battery)


should i file a claim against the battery? I sure feel like I should but i want further inputs.

MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I'm sorry but we can't help with this. It is not abnormal for the battery to have one or two cycles because of factory testing. But if you wish to make a claim you're entitled to do so.

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    OK, I can agree with that but why be 100Mah behow its normal design capacitiy. and why was my OTHER machine not tested? is there some sort of random 'pull this machine for random testing' policy apple has

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    I don't see that. The full charge capacity is 6795 and the charge remaining is 6795. Battery is stated as fully charged. This means your battery is at 100%.


    Even if it were 100 Ma below 100% that can be explained by the effect of the 2 cycles, and the battery would then be 98.5%.

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    Design capacity is 6900mah

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    alin0steglinski wrote:


    Design capacity is 6900mah

    It is not possible with today's technology to build a battery that exactly meets the design capacity.  As long as the full charge capacity is 80% of the design capacity or higher Apple considers it to be a good battery.

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    Two cycles is really a drop in the bucket with respect to the life of your battery.  I've really never made it a point to check the cycle count on my battery when I first get it.  I'll usually eventually look at it when I go into the system profiler.  So long as the count isn't bizarrely high for my use, I don't really worry about it.  I tend to only go through a few cycles a week as I use my system primarily at home.


    This is something I would definitely not get worked up about.

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    The info shows a full charge capacity of 6795, not 6900. Not sure where you find the 6900 figure, but that may only be an average. Batteries vary in their full charge capacity with respect to a nominal figure.

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    http://www.coconut-flavour.com/ this is a very useful tool to tell what specs the battery carries as it leaves the factory. so somehow somewhere in the factory or post factory it got cycled twice...

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    Apple has resolved this issue, the battery should not have cycles when the machine is pulled out of a sealed box unless there is a Quality Control issue that was checked, to verify this phone apple and check with them. If you buy a Mac Portable and it has Cycles on it that you did not do then call apple. you may be eligible for replacement of the battery. In my case I am getting my battery replaced.