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rounik music Level 4 Level 4

I think this may be of interest to a lot of FCP7 Pro & new FCP X users:


I had the privilege to Interview Michael Wohl (one of FCP's original creators) on the new FCP X and what to expect in its future. It's definitely worth a read - and was an enlightening interview) -http://www.macprovideo.com/hub /interview/exclusive-interview -michael-wohl-one-of-fcps-orig inal-designers-speaks-about-fi nal-cut-pro-x


Hope you find it useful.

  • Daniel Slagle Level 7 Level 7

    "It’s a little hard to say whether this software (FCP X) is going to be up to the task of a documentary that’s going to have thousands of hours of footage and multiple people working on it simultaneously."


    Or in other words it is not ready TODAY.


    "Well, it’s important to say that Final Cut Pro X is not a new version of Final Cut. To call it that is to misunderstand everything about it. It is a brand new piece of software. So much so that in my humble opinion, I think Apple would’ve had a better time of this if they just named it something completely new."


    100% agree


    "The fact that they abandoned the term ‘In’ and ‘Out’ point. I think it just fundamentally needs to be fixed."


    1000% agree!

  • geoffmc1 Level 1 Level 1

    He said, "Inevitably there’s going to be a lot of disappointment along with a lot of excitement."


    No, there is just disappointment in the professional world.


    I don't care if FCPx is a million years ahead of where things are today. My main gripe is that a professional can't use it today. And if we can't use it today it's a complete pile of sh&%.

  • JohnSpirou Level 1 Level 1

    So, dont use it !

    Kepp gonig with FCP 7, until FCP X goes really PRO .. so simple.

  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4

    no its not simple. FCPX may never get really pro, and fcp7 is old in the tooth and cluncky. If we're going to have to re-invest and re-learn we might as well do it now, rather than wait a year and then do it. Thats why we are so heated, and why we would really like a roadmap of where this app is going.



  • rounik music Level 4 Level 4

    Well, it depends on your needs... but that's not the way I interpreted his comments exactly. I think there's a lot of reasons to use both FCP X and FCP 7... we'll have to wait until FCP X matures... remember that the original FCP 1 wasn't ready for prime time when it was first released...

  • geoffmc1 Level 1 Level 1

    FCP7 is already out of date and has been for the past year. We were hoping FCPx would be the upgrade we needed. Even Premiere has support for RED. I'm not putting my business in technical freeze while I wait another 3 years for Apple to get their act together or Final Cut Pro x get upgraded to Final Cut 'Really' Pro X!

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    No, John, it's not so simple.


    As Michael Wohl said in the last sentence of the quote below, he expects that it will be a "few years" before FCPX is ready for pro use. There is no way editors will be able to continue to use FCP 7 over that period of time. For one thing, I would not put it past Apple to even add features to future OS releases that make it impossible to use FCP 7 in an effort to force migration to FCPX. Even without that, it is unlikely that this now unsupported FCP 7 will be usablr for that long. I, for one, am trying to get ahead of the curve, and have already purchased the Avid cross-grade. If FCP X is up to snuff in 3-4 years, I might give it a try then, but there would have to some reason to do so beyond my loyalty to Apple, which has been used up by this fiasco.


    Here is the Michael Wohl quote:


    "It’s a little hard to say whether this software is going to be up to the task of a documentary that’s going to have thousands of hours of footage and multiple people working on it simultaneously. However, over the next few years I fully expect Apple to upgrade it and improve it and I imagine that eventually it certainly will be."

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    My holiday will be fantastic video.

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    I agree. I think the road map will be this -  FCPx will be upgraded in 12 months as "FCP Awesome X" with less features and more automation, for an amazing app store price of $2. Then in another 12 months, they'll give it away with every itunes purchase and it will only work on IOS system software. After that it's free with every Happy Meal.