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Have a 500GB hard drive, repaired permissions before doing the combo update, went to repair permissions after the update & this is what I see:


Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 8.45.44 AM.png



MacBook Pro
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    only one partition mate, the blue bit is used space and the white is un-used space on the existing partition. Also it only has one volume (Macintosh HD) on the left under your main HDD.


    Hope this helps mate.


    Edit: misread, I noticed you said 500GB HDD. obviously Disk utility is reporting different only claims 250GB, what is obvious that there is no other partitions, but I've no idea why Disk Utility says you have a smaller Disk.


    You sure your model had the 500GB when you purchased?

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    It appears that your drive was only 250G before the update so everything looks normal to me.

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    When you get old, and are updating 4 computers, 3 of which have 500GB hard drives and one that has a 250GB drive(my wife's) and lose track of what you're doing, you make dumb assumptions...like my post. Your post forced me to drag that computer back out & verify my wrong assumptions.