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I have installed FCPX (as well as Motion 5 and Compressor 4) on 2 of my high-end Mac Pros now; but so far I am having horrendous performance;

Both systems had FCPtudio installed prior, I uninstalled with the FCS_remover. So far so good.

While the new FCPX load fine, once I start doing even simple work, it slows to a crawl; clicking a transition takes 1-2 seconds. I often get beachballs when animation is rendering and or displaying (sometimes 40-50 seconds). I had motion rendering with FCPX open, and literally beach-balled for 2 minutes before getting control back.

This all on macines that ran the previous version with ease, and which are very high end systems: 8 core Xeon (16 virtual cores), 32GB RAM, ATi HD Radeon 5870 card (1GB), Raid 0 drives (fast); and yes, my permissions are repaired. There are no meaningfull errors or issues reported in the logs.


Upgraded to 10.6.8 made no difference. When the slowdowns occurs I can see the whole finder itself - and graphics GUI - slowing down to a crawl as well. All the while neither memory, nor CPUs nor anything else seems even close to being taxed.


I would love some feedback and suggestions.




Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Nehalem 8 core 2.93, 32GB, ATI 5870
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