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So, I do a fair amount of music montage type stuff, where I have a lot of clips with audio.


I mostly don't want the audio, but occasionally I do need it for certain clips, so I don't want to delete the audio in general, just turn it off until I need it.


In FCP7, I basically used to select the audio parts of clips by option-selecting just the audio clips, and disabling them - the audio stays linked to it's video clip, but is turned off, and is there when I need to re-enable it for a particular clip as I move them around. Cool. Or I could just make the audio tracks inactive. Either works.


So how to achieve something similar in FCPX, given the compound nature of clips and lack of "hard" audio tracks?


By default, the clips come in with compound audio. I can separate the audio out and disable the clips, but the audio is no longer linked to the video which is unworkable. I can"expand" the audio out, but I cannot seem disable just the audio in the expanded clip.


I can separate/break the audio out, or detach it, disable it, then select the video and audio clip and make them compound again, but this has to be done on a per-clip basis and is a nightmare for hundreds of clips. Or just lose the (rather nice) feature of working with the compound clips.


I can "Open in timeline" the compound clip, and disable just the audio clip, but this again looks like it has to be done on a per clip basis, which is a pain.


Or I could just use the key command to reduce the volume - but again, reducing the volume by 1dB and hitting the command, what twenty times, and then having to do the reverse to hear the audio again is also inelegant, and I really want to turn the audio off, and not just down.


So far, the best workflow I have found is to select the clips, detach the audio, select the audio parts of the clips, hit "V" to disable them, and leave them like that (the hassle of converting each clip individually back to a compound clip isn't worth it).


Any tips for handling this better, as I explore my options? I just want to select a bunch of clips, and disable the audio.

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