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My ipad was stolen last week and the thieves that took it finally turned it on today.  I received the email that my device was finally abled to be locked!  I immediately logged on to mobile me to try to locate my Ipad and the message come back saying that the location services had been disabled.  my question is, how could the location services (through settings I suppose) be disabled if the lock code was successfully sent to my Ipad once it was turned on?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3
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    The iPad could have been powered off at that time, or restored with iTunes as a new iPad right after being locked.

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    so running a restore does not have to be synced up to the original Itunes account that the Ipad device was originally synced to?

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    The Passcode lock being enabled requires entering the Passcode before being connected to iTunes on another computer but a way around that is by placing the iPad into recovery mode to restore the iPad with iTunes as a new iPad.

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    I had my iPad stolen in December last in Malaga, Southern Spain.  I was able to recover it eventually but it was a **** of a job and I am still wondering if it was worth all the trouble.  Find my iPad is a good tool but maybe Apple could do more to help by making it difficult for a thief to reregister a device as new.  If you want to see what happened, check my blog entry at http://www.wsjohnston.com/blog/files/7f5896e8b4bb0d680950bdf07035b159-3.html.

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    Bill, thank you for posting your Blog.  It's amazing what you did to get your iPad back.  Clearly, keeping a level head worked in your favor.  It is sad that in our world, one had to go such measures to get something back, from someone who likely laughed and lost no sleep over your loss.  Sad indeed.