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I've recently deployed 7 iPads in the corporate office and I'm having 2 issues with regards to Delegates Accepting Meeting requests.


1 Delegate can logon to Outlook OWA via Safari browser - yet discovered a limitation; OWA in Safari loads with the "Light" version. I figured the resolution would be to use a browser like Atomic which allows for User Agent String modification to mimic Internet Explorer 6+.


My main issue I'm tasked to resolve - unfortunately which has no documentation - is to have 2 delegates have access to manage Calendar appointments for their Managers.



* Managers (2 separate managers - each have only 1 delagate)

* Delegates have either full or author permissions from their managers

- one Delegate receives the meeting invite ONLY while her manager doesn't see them.

* No issues accessing calendar or mailbox in Outlook 2007 on Exchange 2007.

* iPad 2 64GB 3G/WiFi models are all being used.

* 1 manager & his delegate each have: iPad 2, WinXP Laptop with Outlook 2007, and Blackberry via BES.

- in particular his delegate has both her own exchange account & her managers account.

* ALL users that have iPads are using exchange webmail settings - since I'm unsure the proper way to state the server.



The Delegate that has her & her managers Exchange account on the iPad is the one that receives all Calendar invites (and her manager does NOT see them). She can receive the email in Mail on the iPad, we tap on the attachment icon for Calendar and we can select "Accept"/'Deny". The pop-up that shows the Meeting details shows its already accepted - for which in Calendar it shows as a light barf-coloured green (almost as if tentative) - yet we cannot actually "Accept" the Meeting request. Click on "Accept" only results in the error "Could not process the meeting request". Oddly enough we CAN "Deny" the Meeting. When trying to go directly into Calendar - same thing occurs. We've tried sending the meeting request from Outlook to the Manager, from Blackberry, even from another iPad user - same results.


Has anyone solved this?


PS: I've tried adding the Exchange server during setup on WLAN which fails, and iPad has NO application restrictions.


Any help or feedback would be MOST appreciated.