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I am having trouble sending pictures on my Verizon iPhone 4. I can send text messages just fine, but when I try to send a picture, the progress bar gets a little past 3/4 of the way, and then just sits there. After a few minutes, I get the message failure notification. I have tried restarting & resetting my phone, resetting the network settings, and switching from wifi to 3g.... pretty much everything. I am able to send pictures once in a blue moon, but not after hours of trying. Any other suggestions?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.7, Verizon
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 (20,500 points)

    Is your account provisioned for MMS?  Have you contacted Verizon?

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    I have not contacted Verizon, and I am not sure what provisioning MMS means... my whole family doesn't have trouble with MMS messages, and I did not used to either...

  • benjamin-mills Level 1 (70 points)

    I'd give Verizon a call and they should be able to shed some more light on why this is happening, I'm assuming its a problem on their end.

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    It's not just a Verizon thing.  It's AT&T too.  I have had this for the past 2 or 3 weeks and I'm on AT&T.  This is since I upgraded to the 4.3.3 software too.  Had 3.1.3 and should have left it alone!   My friends on Verizon are having the exact same issue.  We all have iPhones - me the 3GS, them the 4.  Different carriers, all same problem.  We get more than 90% on the Sending bar, and then Message Failure, retry again.  Very annoying.  I called AT&T last night and as usual, they say they haven't had that problem in my area.  Somehow I think it's just an overload on the servers or the towers.  We've tried every trick in the book including resetting the network and getting a new Sim card.   My husband has the Droid X from Verizon and does not have that issue nor does my daughter with her Blackberry on AT&T, and in same household.  Is it an Apple issue then?  Very frustrated at the moment.

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    I know your pain! haha I have a friend who is on the Verizon network, but she doesn't even have a smartphone that has trouble sending MMS messages. My guess is that Verizon's network is completely strained where I live in western North Dakota because of the huge oil boom... hopefully they get this resolved very soon!

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    Well, I can tell you it's not a Verizon issue! I just went from a Droid to the iPhone 4. I never had a problem sending pic messages on the Droid (but had a world of other problems). So far...I'm having Bluetooth quirks and cannot send pic messages with the iPhone 4....and they tell me there have been no complaints and no known issues!? (((Sigh))) Why can't they just be honest!

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    It's not just Verizon because I have sprint and mine is doing the same thing. I just spent the last ten minutes trying to send one picture and it took me four tries before it would send. It's only the second picture I've been allowed to send since I've had this thing. It's very frustrating. I researched and debated for weeks before buying it & have yet to see the benefit. I wanted nothing more than to be able to text, get on the internet and send pictures.