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First, when I connected iPad to pc, a window pop up and asked, select the program to launch for this action: Microsoft Office OneNote, or Microsoft Office Word, or Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard. normally I didnt choose and just closed the window. Is that right?


Normally my iTunes will aotomatic sync, but now soon it will pop up a window,: iTunes could not back up the iPad because an error occurred.


After this, I found could noy sync my downloaded app to iPad.


How to overcome this? Please help me, thank you.

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    I got about the same problem, when I connect my iPad to the iTunes on my macbook, it says: iTunes could not back up the iPad because an error occurred.

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    checking online... since the last update, everyone with an ipad is having the same problem... my ipods and iphones all sync... just the ipad doesnt... i hope that apple is coming up with a fix for this...

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    spent the morning on the phone with apple... they are, or were, unaware of the problem with ipad not syncing with itunes... i suggested they go on line and see the hundreds of comments there and come to their own community to see all the comments here...


    they had me completely remove itunes from my computer (a mac) and reinstall... still no sync... they then had me do a hard restore on my ipad... it worked... and it is done without the computer initially... still have to plug in but to prepare it for the hard restore... i didnt... contact the tech dept... they now know what is going on...

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    I settled the problem.


    deleted the old backup.

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    How do you delete the old backup?

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    To delete backups open iTunes, go to Preferences>Devices and select the back up you want to delete and then press delete back up.