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My iPod touch was out in the rain and now it won't turn on. Can it be repaired?

iPod touch
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    First I would suggest you don't attempt to power it on, that can damage your device even more than it is now. Put it in a bowl of rice for 6-8 hours and DO NOT USE HEAT TO SPEED THIS UP, the rice will draw the water out naturally. This should get it working once fully dry.


    That being said, if that doesn't work, then your iPod is not covered under warranty for water damage. You can, however, send it in for repair and pay the cost. While this may not be what you were hoping for it is cheaper than buying a new iPod.


    Source: HT:3302 iPod and iPhone water damage not covered under warranty

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    Um... Lol, the same happened to my uncle's iPhone 4. He used a hairdryer and it workers perfectly. XD Cracks me up every time. Anyway, but as I don't know much about physical damage, I'd just stick with what CCauble said... It kinda makes sense I guess.

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    I agree but, try days rather than hours in the rice, no seasoning required.

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    if it has a warranty, great. bring it to the apple store and they will replace it with no cost to you. that's what i recently did. if not, still bring it to the apple store so that they can tell you what needs to be done. hope this helps!

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    yeah it should be able to get fixed one is an costly way

    and one free which you can do on your on which will on cost you a few pounds


    ok first the colstly way ipod/ifone repair web sites will fix wet ipod/ifones but they can charge anything from £39.99 to £79.99 to fix some with have an free post and pack service with royal mail and some will have u pay for this this will cost u £19.95


    ok the free way you will need two soft dry cloths and some where warm first lay one of the cloths down put the ipod/ifone face up lcd faceing up, now but the 2nd cloth over the top of it and leave it alone for 3-5 days after this try powering up ipod via its power button if it powers up and and buttons work it should be able to charge up


    now its the same with the ifone but you need to take the back off and take out both battery and sim leave the back off and cover leave for the same time 3-5 days