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Im crazing with a bizarre issue (i think) on my Macbook Pro 13'' Intel HD 3000 running OSX 1.6.8 updated.


When i connect my mbp on my Samsung TV T240M Full HD (16:10) the image quality is very poor and the screen image dont fits the screen, so i have to downscale the image on settings to see the top bar and bottom bar.


The bizarre thing is that doesnt happes when im using windows 7 on bootcamp.


The issues with miniDP - HDMI adapter on OSX:


- The image is cutted at the top, bottom and side on 1920x1200

- The black quality isnt vivid

- The fonts are very hard to read

- If i set the resolution to 1080p the image looks a worst then 1920 x 1200


What i have tried:


- Change HDMI cable

- Change HDMI adapter

- Tweak color profiles, calibration (on TV and OSX), resolutions with SwitchresX, etc

- PRAM reset


What have worked:

- If i use a DVI cable the image looks normal and fits all the screen

- Use HDMI on bootcamp Windows 7


I hope that anyone or Apple have a aswer to that.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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