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Im crazing with a bizarre issue (i think) on my Macbook Pro 13'' Intel HD 3000 running OSX 1.6.8 updated.


When i connect my mbp on my Samsung TV T240M Full HD (16:10) the image quality is very poor and the screen image dont fits the screen, so i have to downscale the image on settings to see the top bar and bottom bar.


The bizarre thing is that doesnt happes when im using windows 7 on bootcamp.


The issues with miniDP - HDMI adapter on OSX:


- The image is cutted at the top, bottom and side on 1920x1200

- The black quality isnt vivid

- The fonts are very hard to read

- If i set the resolution to 1080p the image looks a worst then 1920 x 1200


What i have tried:


- Change HDMI cable

- Change HDMI adapter

- Tweak color profiles, calibration (on TV and OSX), resolutions with SwitchresX, etc

- PRAM reset


What have worked:

- If i use a DVI cable the image looks normal and fits all the screen

- Use HDMI on bootcamp Windows 7


I hope that anyone or Apple have a aswer to that.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)

    You might consider walking it and the cable into the nearest Apple Store and asking for an opinion there.

  • JohnBarrett Level 1 (10 points)

    I guess the obvious question is....why not go ahead and use the DVI cable? Do you need the DVI input on the TV for another component?

  • AussieDJ Level 4 (1,435 points)


    EDIT: Service Menu on the Samsung if your game. But press the wrong button once & your TV is BRICKED forever.


    PS: I did it on my Series 5 last night... It now thinks it's a Series 6.

  • Interceptor121 Level 2 (185 points)

    HDMI does not support 1920x1200 but only 1920x1080


    This means that if you map 1:1 pixels you get black bars, if instead it filles vertically you cut the side view to 1728


    HDMI is designed for displays that are 16:9 not 16:10


    You will get better results with a VGA adapter


    The same issue occurs pretty much on all apple products not just the MbPro

  • AussieDJ Level 4 (1,435 points)

    How about cycling through your P.SIZE button on the remote?

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    I use a lot my mbp to watch movies etc. With HDMI i got sound and imagem in high resolution with one cable. Some TV's doesnt have dvi anymore.


    Im looking for a solution for this hdmi question. Thank you!

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    And how about the perfect image on Windows 7 by bootcamp?


    The same output, the same device, differents results on different OS's.

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    The P.SIZE dont gave me a "just scan" option when connected to macbook.

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    I already have access to service menu on my TV, but i cant see any useful option. Any idea?

  • AussieDJ Level 4 (1,435 points)



    Go to your TV's Menu & go to Picture Options. Then select size: 'Screen Fit'. There are a few other options there for HDMI Black Level as well.


    Plug it up & go to Display Preferences.


    Hit 'Detect Displays'.


    A seperate menu will come up on your TV. You can then select 'Display Calibrator Assistant', as well as play with some other settings. You can hit the 'Advanced' button if you wish.


    I'm doing the above as we speak.

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    I already try that. Its uneffective.


    Its cleary a issue with OSX, once on Windows 7 by bootcamp everything is perfect.


    Hope apple fix that.

  • madsenfelipe Level 1 (0 points)

    After call to Apple, they say to me that i need to call with Intel and ask to make a compatible drive.


    What a surprise? After call intel, the aswer is:


    Victor: It seems like they misinformed you. Intel® does not support or provide drivers for Mac* operating system. This will only be handled by Apple*.

  • amechtley Level 1 (0 points)



    I recently experienced a similar problem. I have a Samsung television and a Sony sound system.


    What I found is that only one of the HDMI ports on my television (the one on the side) produces proper video quality, whether I am using an HDMI connector form my MacBook Pro, or a DVI-to-HDMI cable on my Mac mini. In short: the rear HDMI ports produced the problem, but the side one did not. As such, I route everything through my receiver and then pipe it into my TV's side HDMI port. I'm hoping a similar adjustment can solve your problem, too.

  • Imperyal Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello! I just want to share my experience with that issue. I have a Samsung 46B8000 led TV. After I upgrade my Mac with an SSD (I've done a fresh install of mountain lion) I experience bad quality on the TV (over MDP to DVI adaptor, and a DVI to HDMI cable) , it was working very well on Lion... At the same time I also upgraded my TV firmware. After lots of trial and error I finally found the solution. For my particular case, ML have nothing to do with that. It's an option on the TV, on the Sources menu, it is necessary to edit the name of hdmi1 to PC or PC DVI. Yes, the NAME, not some setting or picture option... How would've thought? And you have to set 1080p 60 Hz on the MAC, otherwise it will not have good quality. Final conclusion is that poorly designed software on the Samsung TV was the main problem! I hope this works for others too...

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