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I'm having issues pairing my iPhone 4 with my bluetooth car handsfree kit -


The story goes as follows...!


I smashed my iPhone 4 by accident on Tuesday - this phone paired correctly with the handfree kit. I received a replacement phone Friday and set this up ready to use with the handsfree kit - however it will not find the Supertooth Buddy regardless of what I do.


I have tried everything. I even turned on the smashed phone to make sure that it would still connect - it did within seconds. I then clicked on 'forget this connection' and cleared the memory and tried to re-find the bluetooth kit - it wouldn't.


Is this due to a recent update on the iPhone software or am I missing something - i'm using OS 4.3.3?


I have tried everything so any help would be appreciated!


iPhone 4
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    I have the exact problem. My iPhone 4 paired perfectly with the Supertooth Buddy. I got the 4s and it won't discover the bluetooth device. I also went back to my iP4 and "forget this device". Still no connection with the new 4s. My 4s can discover other bluetooth devices so it is not a problem on the iPhone end. It s an issue with the Supertooth Buddy. You can cancel all pairings on the Bluetooth Buddy by pressing the call/reject button while in pairing mode for at least 5 seconds. You should hear a beep. Once you do that means all pairings have been erased. Than try connecting again with your iPhone. Give that a try.


    Unfortunately, my Supertooth does not give me that beep when trying to cancel all pairings which tells me something is wrong. I emailed Supertooth and I am waiting to hear back from them. Will update this forum if there is a solution.

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    I have the same model of the Supertooth and have recently got an iphone 4s. I am having the same problem that the device just keeps searching and wont find it. I also cannot reset the supertooth- it wont "beep" to suggest it has been done.


    I would really appreciated either a solution on here or to read what Supertooth says in their reply.


    Its funny how you really rely on these devices!

  • incredibles11 Level 1 Level 1

    This is what I received from Supertooth and it solved my problem. The key info in this email is that you had to hold your finger on the ON/OFF button for 10 SECONDS!!!!!! If I'm not mistaken that was not mentioned in their FAQ page or instrctions with the device:


    Your Supertooth BUDDY  must be in pairing mode before searching from the

    1.     From OFF, press and hold the On/Off  button for 10 secondes until the
    Bluetooth Indicator  turns blinking red/blue. The handsfree kit is now in
    pairing mode.

    2.     While the handsfree kit is in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth menu
    of your phone. Turn on the Bluetooth function and execute a Bluetooth
    search. (See your phone's manual.)

    3.     When the phone displays the list of Bluetooth devices, select ST

    4.     If the phone asks for the password/pin code, enter 0000 and press Ok.

    5.     The handsfree kit is now ready to use.

  • ClaireBear88 Level 1 Level 1

    Awesome! It worked!

    I have spent the afternoon reading through their manual and nothing states about 10 seconds that I have read! But thanks for posting!

  • incredibles11 Level 1 Level 1

    Careless mistake on Supertooths part not to mention the 10 second action! Glad it worked out for you as it did for me!

  • gerryfromwatchet Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for this information. It is the solution to the problem.

    Pretty bad form on the part of Supertooth considering that the Iphone is so popular.

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    Thank you. It worked excellent!

  • Roddas Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks incredibles, i was stuck on this problem too.


    However i have a much bigger problem ever since i paired with this supertooth buddy...


    I have an iphone 4 and ever since i paired i am unable to hear people on the phone itself (whens its not connected to the buddy) and they are unable to hear me. I can still make phone calls and answer phone calls like normal but no sound in either direction.


    I have done everything i can think of; update OS, reset factory settings in at the telstra shop ..hit it, but no luck.


    I did think maybe it wasnt the buddy device but it still voice records, plays sounds and everything.


    One thing i found interesting was that when its not connected to the buddy and i make a phone call it is automatically on the speaker setting every time, i am able to deselect it but doesnt change anything. I did get a response when i hit the facetime option and then cancelled it. I could send and receive like normal, but that trick hasnt worked again.


    The only other thing that i can say that might help anyone out there with my porblem is that when it is paired to the buddy and a call is connected and i select audio source and im taken to my three audio options; ST BUDDY R19, iPhone and Speaker. the speaker symbol indicating which option you have selected goes from the ST BUDDY R19 straight to the 'speaker' option within a few seconds of the call being connected, with out me doing anything. And then i am not able to change it to any of the other options..


    Any help or questions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  • Roddas Level 1 Level 1

    I have started my own thread with my issue here, feel free to respond with anything.


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    Thx incredibles11. Have now paired one iPhone3G and one 4S both to same stbuddy. Both connected via Bluetooth at same time. And each phone can use stbuddy for calls when the other is idle.

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    Thanks buddy it worked perfectly.

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    Thank you soooooo much. Went into an Optus shop and he could not be stuffed to help me but YOU are amazing.

  • towbartone Level 1 Level 1

    Brilliant mate well done, have spent most of the afternoon trying to pair my 4s without luck, now sorted think you for your efforts



  • msstone61 Level 1 Level 1

    Fantastic...Mine's now working now .....It stopped when I changed my iPhone to an iPhone 6...thought I'd have to buy something else....well chuffed :-)

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