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This is for both iCal on the desktop and on the iPhone.


I enter the pertinent information for an appointment in iCal, such as address, time, etc - once it's in there, it shows it to me as a time stamp on the date, and if I go to it it does show me the address and such info - so why I can't I just click on that address info as a link, so that it pops up on Safari as a GoogleMap place and also the same thing on the iPhone where it would be able to show it to me on Maps? Why do I have to take the extra step of going to the Contacts on iPhone to make it clickable to go to the Map from there?  What I mean is, sometimes you set up and appointment with an Alarm, right, so you hear it ding, it reminds you of what's coming next, and you want to know where it is on the map but you haven't put it in your address book/contacts and so the address is in the detail of the appointment in iCal. You want to just click on that but you can't. Know what I mean?



It's a real bother. Somebody needs to fix this.