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Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to add a second iphone 4 to the itunes currently installed on my computer?  The second phone hasn't been registered yet with apple. We want to be able to keep the information on each phone seperate when synching. I'm assuming we need to first establish a second apple ID and password for the second phone but after that, I'm totally clueless on how we can both use the same computer and have itunes know there are two seperate phones. I'm afraid of just plugging the second phone into the computer and wiping out what's currently stored for the first phone.  Anyone who might be able to walk me through the process, I'd appreciate it. I've been all over the apple site and can't seem to find exactly how to do it.  Thanks in advance to anyone who comes to my rescue, lol!!

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    Each phone is recognized separately in iTunes, and each can set up discrete synching preferences.  In fact, any number of devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones) can be synched to a single iTunes account.  Each is recognized separately.


    Simply plug your new iPhone into iTunes and go from there.

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    thanks. this might sound like a stupid question but am i correct in assuming that when i register the new phone with apple that i'd want to use a completely seperate apple id and password than i have with the current phone i have registered?

    and from there, simply plug the new phone in and it'll recognize it as a new phone which i then just name and itunes will recognize each phone as completely different with regards to contacts, apps, etc?? depedning on which one is plugged it at that time?

    i was really hoping that it WOULD be that easy and if it is, you are DEFINATELY my hero!!

    thanks again gdgmacguy

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    There is no need to get another itunes id.


    Each iphone is different.  You simply set it up the same way you did the first one.  itunes knows they are different.  It will only sync what you tell it to.

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    To make things easier for you give the iPhones different names. If you want to rename an iPhone it is very easy. In the left column of iTunes you can find the iPhone name, click on it once to select it, click again and it will be editable. Type in the name you want for that iPhone.

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    thanks. what i was asking was the APPLE id, not itunes. i'm just not sure if when i register the second phone with APPLE if i need that phone to have completely seperate ID or not.


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    The Apple id can also be changed at any time. Click Settings App>click Store near bottom>change Apple ID. It can be same or different account, whatever is best for you.

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    i'm not seeming to be getting the answers i'm trying to get. again, my question is whether or not the second phone i want to add to my existing itunes account needs to have a seperate apple id than my first phone. we want to be able to synch our phones on the same computer completely seperately from each other. ie: my phone - my contacts, appointments, apps, etc and the second phone - it's own contacts, appointments, apps, etc. I don't know if for that purpose the apple id's when i register the second phone need to be the same or not or if it makes any difference one way or the other....thanks again everyone for your help.

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    Sorry I have confused you.


    Itunes knows which iPhone is which. Make the Apple ID different so you do not get confused. This will keep all your purchases separate. The Contacts, Appointments are attached to the iPhone, iTunes knows which is which. Apps and purchases are attached to the Apple ID. So use separate Apple ID for each iPhone because this is what you want. Like I said in a previous note above make sure the iPhones have different names or you will get confused, not iTunes.

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    no you do not need a seperate apple id with the new phone. I have 2 iphones and an ipad all using the same apple id and they all have different sync preferences. itunes knows which is which and keeps them seperated. The problem of using a different apple id on each phone is say you buy an app on one then you will have to buy it again on the other but if they are sharing the same apple id you buy it once and the other phone gets it too without double paying.

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    thanks. makes sense. so basically now all i have to do is plug the new phone into my computer, give it a name and itunes will keep them and their contents completely seperate for the purpose of synching?

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