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I am a longtime iPhoto 08 user and am finally nearing completion of adding Keywords, sorting into useable albums, and rating a library of over 60K pictures. I decided to stay in iPhoto 08 for the whole process and not convert mid stream. My question is whether I should convert my library in stages (iPhoto 09 first) or just do one step from iPhoto 08 to the newest version - any issues with a direct migration? I will, of course, backup everything before I do upgrade (actually I back up to multiple rotated drives including one I keep offsite...I'm a bit of a paranoid about that). I was hoping to get the input from a couple of senior people here who have given me great advice in the past (OT and TD - you out there?) but of course I'd appreciate recommendations from anyone!!

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    GO straight to '11 - backup the iPhoto library (sounds like you do great there - but for ease in case of issues make one more copy on your main hard drive just for this) and install '11 - run software update to be sure it is up to date and launch it - it will convert your library - may take a while - and you will be on your way


    Note that '11 is a bit different in the structure and there is some learning curve to it



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    What Larry Said.






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    Thanks - that was what I was hoping to hear. I figured if there were issues with direct migration you folks would know about it! I'm glad I didn't convert mid-stream as the organization is a bit different in iPhoto 11 (I played with it on my Dad's Mac a few weeks ago). I just hope now I don't get all obsessed about adding GPS "places" to everything...it's always something! Thanks again.

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    GPS is actually easy and quick for the most part - typically an event easily assigns to a single location so you open the info pane for the event and assign the GPS to the whole event at once


    In other instances when you are moving you still can assign a location to the first photo in a location, copy the photo (edit menu ==> copy or Command-C) and select the remaining photos at that location and paste the location (edit menu ==> paste location)


    Of course I got a GPS camera which is even better  - and reason to get a new camera


    The places display is fun - especially on the iPad - and the maps for books are great for vacations