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    Thanks for sharing about changing ID's on store settings on iPhone, I didn't know to do this - but my updates still want to refer to my original username not the new account id - if I'm understanding correctly from other comments I need to delete & re purchase all of my apps but SURELY this can't be the case, it's seems such a simple bug that should have been attended to ages ago - I'm on iPhone 3 but even iPhone 4S users seem to be having the same problem - it's ok for the free one's but what about Apps that have been purchased?!?

  • scribal Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been struggling with this for awhile. So eventually I've done all of the above: change the ID in the Settings area, Delete all apps that need updating, but there's one more step. If you don't turn off your phone (and I had to do it twice for it to have an effect), the update notices don't delete from the App Store and it will still revert to the original ID when you try to re-install.  Finally, I think, I have control (so frustrating to try to explain that you HAVE changed your apple ID and it STILL didn't work and have people disbelieve you!)

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    it worked, thank you this was driving me crazy. just had to realize to make changes on iphone not in itunes (that did't work out for me)

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    thank you

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    I just would never have got to this answer on my own.  Thank you.  After hours of trying to sort it, this did the trick in 2 minutes

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    perfect and easy when you know how.


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    I'm glad my tip worked for so many!   So let me add to the discussion


    Any user can log on to your phone and download their paid applications.  While that user is logged in any updates to those apps will be applied.So to update older apps you'll need to log in to the old account once in a while


    To update apps downloaded and paid for under a different Id simply log into the store and update them.  I have apps on my phone that others have bought and shared with me.  they login on my phone and download (not paying again) the apps and then I log back in

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    This was the best answer for correcting this issue with my wifes iPhone.  Thanks!!! 


    Special note to Apple Support just in case you ever read these:  Simply this process for changing/updating to a new email address.  Make the steps more clear with click offs for couples utilizing one computer with 2 iPhones or iPads, etc.

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    i am still hving an issue with this symple way to change my id. is the settings on the phone if so i open it and i dont see any were i can log out.

  • hoppate Level 1 (0 points)

    WOW never mind i just found it. thank you for all ur suggestions!!!!! 2 full days worth of frustration!!! 

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    Awesome - the Apple support people wanted to sell me a fix - it worked beautifully.

  • Kiwiphone4 Level 4 (1,425 points)

    amandafromhillarys wrote:

    ... my updates still want to refer to my original username not the new account id - if I'm understanding correctly from other comments I need to delete & re purchase all of my apps but SURELY this can't be the case, it's seems such a simple bug

    This is not a bug at all.

    This is how Apple stops piracy.


    When apps are downloaded form the Apple server it is encoded to be only used with ONE Apple ID.

    Think of it like the app is encypted with those details; and to install the app you need to 'unlock' the app.

    (it is not actually encrypted, it's a little more complicated but not really worth thinking about!)


    This stops you sharing your apps with friends.


    In iTunes you can go to the apps menu, and right click on an app, and find the origonal.

    This opens the .ipa file; which is the app installer.

    You can easily copy this file to a USB stick and give it to a mate, who can then add it to their iTuens account.

    Just take an .ipa file, and drop it on another itunes.


    What Apple has done is made it a little harder.

    If you do give your .ipa file to a friend, you will find their itunes asks for YOUR Apple ID and password.

    That way it makes it harder to pirate apps for iOS.


    You can keep using your old apps with a new Apple ID.

    The ID and password are only relevant when installing apps, and that is why you need to retype the origonal ID and password when updating apps; they are still locked on Apple's side to your old ID.


    I hope this makes sense.

    It is not a bug, but a copy protection.

    This will not be fixed anytime soon.


    You can have seperate App ID and icloud ID by the way.

    So you can share apps with your partners iPhone, or your own iPad.

    And then set up seperate icloud IDs so that the back ups, and calendar and contacts are seperate; but share apps and games.

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    I tried everything here and it STILL shows my old Email address in the app store when doing updates.  I can't do updates because of this.  I've logged out in settings>store and logged back in with my new email.  I've turned it off and on.  I've gone to the iphone app store > categories > scrolled to the bottom and signed out and back in there.  (By the way, in that area it shows my NEW email/user id...  When I go to updates and update soemthing it still shows my old email.  That is teh only thing I can't change.  I've changed it in iTunes and synced.  Everything has my new email EXCEPT the update area of my iPhone app store.  I'm on the iPhone 4 OS 5.01.  No idea why I can't change this.  Really frustrating. 

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    I am having the same exact problem and it is so annoying to have to download the update for the app from my computer to finally got it updated on my iPhone when I sync it!! I can't believe this can't be fixed easily and I don't know why it got stucked with my other account in the first place because if I look at the app details in iTunes it shows that the app was purchased with my other account. Other thing to note is that it only happens with my iPhone, not with my iPad nor my wife's iPhone or my kids iPods.

  • amandafromhillarys Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok thanks - hear what you are saying & it makes sense.

    I'll have to suss out iCloud a bit more to understand how to save my purchased apps...

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