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August Lúan Level 1 (0 points)

I've been having a problem with Safari. After I updated to 10.6.8, I thought it might fix the problem, but it didn't. I uninstalled Safari, this time with AppDelete, which I just recently discovered, and now I can't reinstall it. It's the newest version from Apple. When I try to install it it says that it requires OS X version 10.6.7. Please help.


Note: I heard about a program for Mac that can force install apps onto mac, and I used to have it. I don't anymore, and I can't remember the name of it. I lost it because I reinstalled my OS.

MacBook Pro
  • August Lúan Level 1 (0 points)

    I should probably mention this. I tried installing from my install DVD and updating Safari, but it wouldn't update.

  • AnaMusic Level 9 (57,110 points)

    Hi August,


    A couple of things you could try...


    Using Disc Utility do a Permissions Repair... Followed by a Restart...


    Download and Install the Combo Update...



    Then Run Software Update again...



  • David Bendau Level 1 (30 points)

    I have the same situation.  Safari was causing various problems so I completely deleted it using Clean App and Spotlight. After downloading the Snow Leopard version from the Apple website and attempting to install it I also got the message that it requires 10.6.7 and I find that interesting since I have 10.6.8.  Thank goodness Google Chrome works very well.

  • Madasastick Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah I did the spectacularly stupid manoeuvre of doing my usual system backup, then installing 10.6.8 and, having found some issues with Safari, I deleted Safari 5.05 and emptied the trash. Now when I try to install 5.05 again (specified as requiring OS 10.6.8) I get the same message mentioned above, need 10.6.7. Did a permissions repair, disk repair, keychain first aid and still no joy. I would just revert to the installed version but as I mentioned, I am an idiot.


    Of course I would just download the combo and reinstall but my internet connection cannot do apple software updates. The router/physical firewall/ISP causes the downloads to be corrupt and not actually install. This frustrating issue is a whole other barrel of fun, not really an apple problem per se but only seems to affect apple products. This is a known issue which an Apple Genius told me about; now when a large update arrives I have to visit my nearest Apple Store, uni or friend's place to do the install. Not isolated either, my brother-in-law has the same problem on his PC with iOS updates. <!Unneccesary information dump over>

  • David Bendau Level 1 (30 points)

    I downloaded Firefox 5.0 today and it works very well also, so along with Google Chrome I have two browsers that meet my needs.  If I am still unable to install Safari in the future I can live without it.

  • Madasastick Level 1 (0 points)

    I already have Firefox 5 and Chrome beta etc. My particular preference is for a browser which integrates well with the OS and I was running Safari flash free. Chrome comes with flash built in (handy now and again) and I'm just not used to Firefox's idiosyncracies. I will survive but it would be nice if I could reinstall Safari: I suspect I will be installing Lion before I get to use Safari again.

  • Niel Level 10 (298,367 points)

    Use Pacifist or run the Mac OS X 10.6.8 combo updater.



  • Madasastick Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, had actually installed that previously but not tried it this time. Worked perfectly; it shouldn't be needed however. I'm not 100% sure the reason for my uninstalling Safari in the first place has now been resolved, time will tell if the crashes recur.

  • cconnors56 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same boat-    Did installing the 10.6.8 combo updater fix the problem?    I installed Firefox to get by for the minute.

  • kenbelt Level 1 (0 points)

    same problem...safari won't install on 10.6.8.  accomplished all the above recommendations.

  • Madasastick Level 1 (0 points)

    So you tried to separately download (ie not thru the updater) Safari 5.05? I did so and used Pacfist as per Niel's suggestion, does the job quite nicely.

  • kenbelt Level 1 (0 points)

    I reluctantly used Pacifist (due to lack of directions and understanding on my part) and was able to re-install Safari per  Niel's directions.


  • Jim Mcdonald Level 1 (10 points)

    Download Pacifist. You can install Safari 5.0.5 from there, without getting the message that you can't do so with the present OS version.

  • gineta76 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just downloaded Pacifist and then installed Safari.  It worked!  I said to my husband, "yes!  i rock!" but then realized that you do.  Thanks all.  Should have tried this early this morning.  It would have saved me hours of my life that I will never get back.

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