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I have found several threads related to this problem, but none provide a definitive answer. I would be grateful for any advice!


The problem is that my new iPad 2 cannot access the Internet on many public wifi routers e.g in hotels, coffee shops, airports, etc. I connect without any problem on my home router but this is happening on approximately 75% of all public wifi connections here in the UK - really frustrating!


It seems that the iPad connects to the router but the router then does not provide all the correct ip and DNS info to the iPad: no Internet connection. Safari says "Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to internet".


I have tried following all advice I could find, including resetting network settings... but obviously I cannot restart public wifi routers!


Looking at the DHCP settings for all of these instances, the ip address is of the form 169.xxx.x.xx and the subnet mask is I gather this happens when the iPad cannot connect and reverts to this as a default.


Some threads suggest reasons including: incompatibility with old routers; routers that broadcast multiple modes at the same time (b,g,n); routers that broadcast on slower modes (not n); routers that have slow DHCP servers; etc etc.


I have taken the iPad to a Genius Bar: they tested on the cloud wifi network: connects ok so they said it was not a hardware fault and so could not do anything more for me.


The bottom line is that I cannot connect to many public wifi connections. But my old 3G iPhone can, as well as my laptop. Surely this is therefore a software bug with the iPad? Has anyone else seen this and, if so, is there a workaround before, hopefully, Apple provides a software release that fixes it?


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iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2