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I just purchased a new 15" Macbook Pro 2.0ghz Core i7 and downloaded Flash 10.3 to watch YouTube Videos but I have some minor niggling issues.


Firstly when I pause the song for a moment and then click play again the video does not start up again and just stays frozen. I need to rewind the song a tiny bit by dragging the slider in order to get it playing again.


Secondly on some videos when I expand the screen, not full screen but when you click the right angle arrow to make the video slightly larger. When I do this the controls disappear from the video window. The red time bar and the play, pause and volume controls disappear. Also the video itself goes off centre.


Is this an issue with my hardware or software?? This happens on both Safari and Firefox.


In addition there has been times when the controls wont respond and I cannot click and drag the time slider or select certain points in the video.