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My spare iPhone, it is a 8GB iPhone 3G is working, as in no problems with calls, touch screen and 3G.They all work fine.


But the Wifi searches and finds nothing, even if next to the router (Other iPhones work fine), any router it does not catch wifi.


Bluetooth does not work and niether is the GPS.


I tried reset settings, airplane mode and reboot and even restore but nothing solves the issue.


Any idea what it may be?


On a side note: This iPhone has once been repaired about a year ago after it fell in the toilet. Everything worked good but after about 6 months the speaker of the earpiece and the light sensor stopped working, so i opened up the phone and the wire disconnected.


This was a little bit after the wifi, bluetooth, gps problem. The speaker and light ambient sensor now work perfectly and everything else is good but no wifi,gps or bluetooth.