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There are old "cutters" and potential FCP pros. Since AAPL is introducing a controversial redesign of FCP, it would only make sense that they would also provide their own online tutorial to "re-educate" most devotees and educate those who desire to take on "professional" talents.


While this will compete with the plethora of "training" profiteers out there, it will go a long way to re-establishing FCP's hegemony. For us who have invested in FCPX this is a good thing…



FCPX, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    you can find a great FCPX tutorial here www.macprovideo.com


    it's not free, but those are great

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    Browse through the manuel and you find a lot of handy things.


    Also you can view a free one hour FCPX introduction tutorial from Michael Wohl, one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro. http://www.nedwebserver.com/ned-web/finalcutprox101-overview-and-quick-start-gui de&nedweb&site=MPV&&sid=7im9g0r1pvl9d8i72npsr9lgj7

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    Wohl's paid instruction, is probably worth the price of admission, but your both missing the point.


    Every software company should have a tutorial that is released with the software that will bring almost anyone who is motivated up to a competent level of proficiency with their software, at no additional cost — commonly understood under the abused term "free" — for the benefit of those who have already made the leap into buying the software package. By completing the basic tutorial, conceivably, one could be proficient enough to complete a few basic projects and set on a course of self-directed learning.


    It was the practice ten and twenty years ago. Apple certainly has the resources to develop that basic-training program. With this FCPX release and its initial unstellar reception by real FCPros, it would be good business to be able to develop this new crop of devotees with a real NAC tutorial hosted by Apple.

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    The help manual crammed full of all kinds of information -- all of which is informative and useful.


    Unfortunately, IMHO, -- sort of like FCPX, itself -- it leaves a lot of little things out.


    For instance, it starts out by showing you a picture lableled "Events Browser", "Viewer", and "Timeline".


    Then it points out on another photo that you can perform common tasks by click a button on the "toolbar", that the "main video track" is really now a "storyline" and that the "secondary tracks" are now "connected clips".  Because Apple sez they are. But there's nothing about what the buttons  on the "Toolbar" actually do. You have to muddle thru the manual until you run onto an explanation of how to do something, and with any luck, one of those buttons will be included.


    Sure, you can mouse over them and get an idea (most of the time).  But the rectangle under left side of the Viewer sez it "applies the transform effect to the selected clip". My first question was "What's a transform effect, and what did I just apply?" 


    In reality, it only brings up the "Transform" capability (What we know as the Motion window in FCP Classic) and put a stretchy frame around your clip with blue "draggy" handles and two dots in the middle of the clip so you can do a bunch of stuff, and then by pressing the blue "done" button in the upper right, THEN you "apply the transform effect to the selected clip."


    So, yeah.  Lots of good information, but with quite a few details missing.  And the details that are there are easy to miss if you don't know the right search question to ask.  For instance, searching for "clip length" tells me nothing about clicking and holding the cursor on a clip in the timeline (oooo. I mean, storyline) to see how long it is.


    And yeah, Randall hits it on the nailhead:  Apple should have put out a series of tutorials to get us started.


    But I suppose that since they put out a whole pot full of tutorials for iMovie, they probably felt that doing the same for FCP X would make it look too much like iMovie Pro.


    I found reference to some Ripple Training FCP X tutorials (rippletraining.com) for $40 that are doing the job for me.  Didn't know about the other two suggestions, but I"m happy cuz I was able to get the iTunes version and load them on my iPad.

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    The help manual is a searchable guide to the application. It is not an instruction set. Not designed as one, and not intended to be one. There's a difference between the two. You could of course read the entire manual, which is very comprehensive and well thought out.

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    Creative Cow has a few. Start here...



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    I probably wasn't all that clear, but that's actually kinda my point.  We NEED tutorials, not just a help manual.  And my examples were to point that out -- the details that would be in a tutorial aren't in a help manual.  And, of course, you gotta know what you are searching for before you can search for it.


    Thanks for the clarification, tho.

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    Thanx Clyde,


    Actually I'm somewhat of a provocateur with this thread. My feeling is that enough of us are interested in seeing AAPL do-the-right-thing and could convince them to develop a respectable tutorial as part of iCloud — or sumptin — through a little advocacy and solidarity action. Being an old BMUG member I was thinking that a new FCPXUG could take on that advocacy role for the near term. As soon as I put that up I was thinking URL, and I was correct, it was available. So I took out the URL(s) to secure that thought.


    The one catchall eMail box that I set up isn't working yet, but I'm sure that within a few hours raw@fcpxug.net could be used as a preliminary catchall until we figger out what we want to do. [I did grab the .com and .org names as well] I'm willing to transfer administrative control of these URLs to an eventual functioning organization if one develops, for now this is a simple consensus working group. [FCPUG.com is taken by a New Jersey interested organization, I'm thinking that FCPXUG would be universal]


    Like I said the initial intent is to convince Apple to develop a NAC (no additional cost) tutorial for FCPX users.


    If you think that is a good idea send a message to that eMail address to check in. If you have a better idea for that potential user group, send it in. I know there are better ways to organize. Im simply proposing this as a start and to secure the URLs, for now


    Meanwhile, contribute to this thread, if it's active enough, the powers that be will take notice.



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    I find the help manual to be pretty useless, a from scratch tutorial is really needed, just to get the ball rolling in the right direction.


    So far I've found FCPX extremely awkward and counter-intuitive to use, which is a great shame... I'm getting there by a slow process of trial and error, but I really would like to see what I'm supposed to be doing to pinpoint exactly where I'm going wrong, then I can start correcting the mess I've made of some lovely little iMovie projects.

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    Given the difference in price, how do the training video set compare?

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    Only got the Ripple ones. They give just a general overview of things, but good all the same. Larry Jordans videos tend to go into things in a bit more detail, ie. he holds your hands more and he can be a little long-winded, but, he knows his stuff. You'll learn a lot with either.