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TinMass Level 1 Level 1

Where are the thunderbolt HDD enclosures or any other peripherals ?

I bought a WD Caviar Black 2tb WD2002FAEX and was hopin' to have it in an enclosure by now....

At this point I would settle for a Sata III firewire800 enclosure.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 3.4GHz i7
  • gwforeman Level 2 Level 2

    I too am looking for a Thunderbolt HDD Enclosure for my MBP.  What gives with the delay in this?  Offer a highspeed port and then nothing to use it with.

  • Colin Shapiro Level 2 Level 2

    There's quite a bit out there actually.


    On Apple's site:

    Promise Pegasus R4 4TB (4x1TB) RAID System




    Don't forget the actual Thunderbolt cables:



    Sonnet have a whole bunch of stuff here:


    (announced but not yet released it seems)

  • gwforeman Level 2 Level 2

    My problem is, I don't need a $1000 Raid enclosure, I want a simple enclosure for a 2.5" notebook drive.

  • TinMass Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah,  I want a high performance single HD enclosure for the WD black to record audio from my iMac i7

  • Colin Shapiro Level 2 Level 2

    Sorry - no single enclosures that I'm aware of.


    It's still early days for Thunderbolt and clearly the demand is not enough to encourage manufacturers as yet.


    One thought however:

    If you're using a regular (ie non-SSD) drive, is it worth going the Thunderbolt route? Your drive won't be anywhere near capable of matching the throughput of Thunderbolt......

  • DTC Level 1 Level 1

    I think that demand is underestimated by the manufacturers.  I believe there are many individuals that would like to get a Thunderbolt HD and pay a  $50-$100 premium (not even including the thunderbolt cable cost) just to get a little speed bump over firewire 800 (and a big speed bump over USB 2).  Some of that is real need, but a lot of it is just wanting to use the latest technology.


    In fact, I would not be surprised if sales of firewire drives has decreased as people are waiting for thunderbolt peripherals instead, which makes the demand picture look even worse to manufacturers.

  • androidmedia Level 1 Level 1

    Holy crap...PATIENCE people!


    If you know anything at all about Apple's history, than you know that they have a pattern of releasing new technology onto their computers , and then third party manufacturers go nuts trying to be the first kid on the block to adapt it.

    I remember when Firewire first came out on the G3 desktop, and no one knew what on Earth it was for. Apple invented it, and now most Mac users and a lot of PC users depend on it. They did the same thing with 1394b, and within a few months products become available.

    AJA released a prototype of some video equipment with Thunderbolt, and in time, all of your dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.

    I wonder who will make he first soundcard with Thunderbolt?

    Who will make the first Thunderbolt monitor?

    What we can also expect, is to pay a pretty penny for this technology until somone like Behringer, or M-Audio makes an offering.


  • Colin Shapiro Level 2 Level 2
    Who will make the first Thunderbolt monitor?


    Actually, Apple have already announced one:


    I wonder who will make he first soundcard with Thunderbolt?


    Thunderbolt soundcards or interfaces would be very nice indeed.....

  • mcharle Level 1 Level 1

    W? you really must be joking? "Quite a bit of stuff"?  pollyannish perhaps? LOL

  • mcharle Level 1 Level 1

    Patience no........ I'm fed up with this. It's not like it was yesterday.


    It's like: "Build it, they will come" ......or maybe not?    LOL   GIve me a break.

  • androidmedia Level 1 Level 1

    "Patience no", he says.


    You remind me of the character Ricky Gervais telling the story to David Letterman about a passenger in first class ******** and moaning about not having an internet connection...while FLYING THROUGH THE AIR, 35,000 feet off the ground.


    For decades, Apple has been improving YOUR quality of life, so respect that, and quit whining!


    "Build it and they will come" has been working for Apple for quite some time now.

    Ever seen an iPad? an iPhone? Who do you think WRITES all that cool software for you to enjoy?

    Certainly not Apple.


    So take a break, and write some music!


  • mcharle Level 1 Level 1

    Oops, you have got me wrong. My gripe is not with Apple. It's with EVERYBODY ELSE! LOL. Where are they? Where are the clever Chinese when you need them? It's like a technological ghost town. I can here the wind rustling the tumbleweeds.........whoosh. It's just that, they aren't even making empty promises! .Give me some BS, some smoke, something!!!!. (Ok i'll stop)

  • Rudy Soetewey Level 1 Level 1

    Announced for months now. Still not there. Only ones that announce it btw, is LaCie.

    This summer they say, one HD.

    In 3 weeks, this 'summer' ends.

    I don't know. One thing is for sure: it is not adopted massively - it is NOT adopted at all, as far as I can see.

    As a consumer, I WANT one thunderbolt HD. And NO, patience is the wrong answer.

    Or the announcement came to early, or something went wrong.

    Bad sign anyway. And to be honest, Apple is not really pushing it either.

    So... bye bye thunderbolt??

  • TinMass Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I went with the iMac i7 thinkin'.

    "should be OK with the high speed thunderbolt I/O.

    I'll use the FW800 for less critical audio/video storage (sample content)"

    i miss my 10k WD HD inside my old G5 with options.

    Maybe I'll have to get SSD for the i7 ?

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