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Hi, I'm new at the community. I have a problem with the ethernet port on my MacBook Pro 13 (year 2011), wich I beleve is a Broadcom Netxtreme Gigabit Ethernet (model 5764). The problem is that it wont work in Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (it allways show a "cable unpluged" status), while it works perfectly on my bootcamp partition. So, it is not a hardware issue. This only started to happen a few days ago, it worked perfect until that time.

When I open a terminal window and type "ifconfig en0 up" it returns "interface en0 does not exist" and when I type only "ifconfig" it doesnt show in the list, while airport and firewire shows fine. In Safe Mode I get the same results. I've tryied to find a new kext for the broadcom 5764, but I couldnt find it.

I've tryied and searched a lot. But I cannot get it work. Yersterday I rebooted with the Mac OS Installation disk and it recogniced my ethernet (en0) interface. Went back to Mac OS and it worked perfectly for the day. But today it doesnt work again, and I cant solve it like yesterday, it's useless even when Mac OS Installation still recognices my ethernet interface.


So, any ideas?

Thank yoou for reading

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Well, it seems to be working perfect after 16 hs. I know: W T F???

    Everyday since this is happening it worked perfectly after 16 hs or so. I don't know what is causing this, but is burning my brain. And I really don't believe that the hour is the problem, but is a pretty strange coincidence.

    I don't know, could it be a virus??? Why it's working after 16 hs??

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    Yep, this is driving me nuts... it keeps doing the same thing every day: it doesnt work until 4:00 PM.

    It's wired... I don't know what it is! Please help!

    Thank you

  • Mimu Level 2 (260 points)

    Strange behaviour alright! Try create a new network location (system preferences --> network -- >Location --> Edit locations --> click on the plus, called it whatever you want).

    This will create a new set of preference for your network connections.

    Might resolve the issue, might not - good place to start.


    You can resort to your old setup just by changing the location from the drop down list in the network preferences

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    Already tryied it. I also tryied to erase the network preferences file and the result is the same.

    Many people had trouble on this after upgrading to 10.6.8, I'm downloading the update combo to reinstall it, but with no great hopes.

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    When you say you've erase the network preferences file, was that HD/Library/preferences/System Configuration/

    ? (and I make sure to restart so that it rebuilds the preference files)


    If so, try run disk utility --- verify and repair disk permissions, verify disk as well. After that, reinstalling the OS would (seemingly) be the next step.

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    Yes, I dont remember if I restarted the computer after removing the file. I'll try it again restarting.


    I want to reinstall the OS, but I'm affraid of loosing all my files, and I dont have space to backup all of it.

    Is it possible that reinstalling OS will delete some/all of my files?

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    Theoretically there should be no risk to your data when reinstalling. It should put down a new system and keep all your data. However, I would recommend never being without a backup, particularly when doing a reinstall.


    And, to do a reinstall, the machine will need space to create a new system (as it put the old system into a folder called "previous system folder", which you will have to manually delete)

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    Ok, no problem with the backup thing.

    But the apps? Will I have to reinstall them all?


    I´ve tryied deleteng the preferences file and restarting, but nothing happens. When I try to manually add an interface on the network preferences, there is no ethernet choice. In terminal, there is no ethernet interface when I call ifconfig, and I cannot ping to another computer.


    I´m verifying/repairing disk permissions right now.

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    Shouldn't have to reinstall anything - it should only put down a new system and leave all your applications and user settings in place.

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    Nothing happened after repairing disk permissions.

    Here is another post on people that is having the same problem:


    Maybe its the 10.6.8 update after all...

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    In that case:

    A) reinstall and do not update (or try find 10.6.7 combo update online)


    B) wait for apple to find a fix


    Hope u get it working

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    Yep, after reinstalling the 10.6.8 I'll try reinstalling OS X and updating to 10.6.7. Until OS X Lion come up.

    Waiting for apple to fix it is not an option.


    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Well, reinstalled OS X and updated to 10.6.7 and everything works fine for now. I hope it stills working tomorrow. I wont install 10.6.8 until there is a fix.

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    I didnt found any "previous system folder" to erase. Is this correct? should I search in the hidden folders?

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