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I understand that Lion will not support PowerPC apps under Rosetta. I'm fine with that. But I've noticed that the installers for the various GarageBand Jam Packs require Rosetta (you'll get insistent prompts to install Rosetta while installing Jam Packs if it isn't present already). Does this mean these Jam Packs will be impossible to install on Lion, or is there some workaround? To my knowledge it's just the older installer packages that are dependent on Rosetta, not the loops/software instruments themselves.


(Of course the jam packs could be installed prior to upgrading to Lion, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that a fresh install might need to be done after Lion is installed, or if I get a new computer to replace my current one.)

MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    The real answer is we'll find out when we find out.


    But if Snow Leopard is any indication, it may be that Jam Packs produced before a certain date (that require Rosetta) will not install in Lion.

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    I ran into the same issues yesterday.  I did manage to get all the packs installed except for the World Music pack.   I kept getting a message about the Plistbuddy.....which looped infinitely.  Had to do a forces restart of the computer.   Hopefully Apple will come up with a solution.  Curiously, Jam Packs seem to not be listed as available in the Apple Store online.  Mention is made of them on a few pages (Logic, for example).  

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    OK.   I have all 6 jam packs installed on my Mac running Lion.

    As I said above, 5 of the 6 packs installed without incident (except for the error message window about Plist Buddy which only appeared once with a couple of the installs).   With the World Jam Pack I got an endless loop of those message windows in a diagonal down to the right ad infinitum.  I repaired permissions tonight (couldn't hurt, I guess) and decided to try again.  I remembered being able to open "Packages" and installing a few components instead of the whole.  So,  I inserted the DVD, then control clicked the install image. There is a choice to View Packages or something like that.  When I did it opened into a few files and folders one of which was World Instruments Tiger.pkg....I think that's correct.  It was between 2 and 3 gig in size.   I clicked on it and the installed began.  In 3 minutes or so, the Plist Buddy error window popped up a few times but didn't do the infinite loop.  I quickly hit the return key to close each of the windows.  The installed said it had finished so I hit QUIT.  When I opened Garageband after the install, all of the instruments were listed in the in the window to the right (instruments).  Click on the bar to see what jam packs are installed.  At the botttom was World Jam Pack.   I clicked on it and saw all the proper World Jam Pack instruments.  All played in Garageband.  So....it seems it was a success.    Now, will Apple abandon Jam Packs all together?   Hope not.

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    To make a fresh install of Garageband Jam Pack : World Music, you need to separately install the instrument package and the loop package. Here is how to do it:

    • Insert the CD / Open up the mounted disk
    • Right Click on the package named “Install Jam Pack World Music” > Choose Show Package Content
    • Open up the “Content” folder
    • Open up the “Installers” folder
    • Inside the folder you’ll find couple of packages or installations.
    • Install WorldMusic_Instruments_Tiger.pkg
    • Install WorldMusic_Loops_Tiger.pkg

    During the installation, you will still run into the PlistBuddy error, however it will not give you the infinite loops. You’ll get couple of error messages, just ignore and close all of them.


    Courtesy: http://www.nadzrul.com/apple/install-jam-pack-on-mac-os-x-lion

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    THX so far!


    But one thing is not clear:


    Do we have to run the normal installer anyway or it is enough to run one time the two package contents "WorldMusic_Instruments_Tiger.pkg" and "WorldMusic_Loops_Tiger.pkg"?

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    Any idas so far?