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    Don't stand to lose much doing that Peter! Good idea.

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    THanks Matt, it worked for me!

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    No, you did not change your iCloud email address.


    You only changed the email address associated with your iCloud.


    If your address that you want to be in the cloud is NOT an address, it will not be in the cloud.



    For instance, I have a gmail address for my iTunes account and my iCloud account. I can install gmail on my devices and get gmail email. BUT, it is not in the iCloud, it's in the Google cloud.


    The ONLY email address that will be backed up and synced in the iCloud is your address.


    Simple, huh?



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    This worked for me. Thanks runner95

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    it's amazing how we get that far from an evolution point of view. this thread is a good example on how it is so hard to comunicate.

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    This worked for me! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!! 

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    Is your iCloud email address an address?

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    Matt - thank you. I was having the same issue and this resolved it entirely. One note to make though is when you delete your account it asks you if you want to remove all the items from your iPad. I chose 'NO' on that question, re-entered my new account info with the new email and it all came back up in seconds. Thanks!

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    I see many of you had a problem updating new email account toward your icloud account. I didn't have a problem, I was careful as I go along with this and just pray I didn't lose everything. Good new, I DIDNT! I end up had everything back on my phone with no mistaken or lost. I updated my email on the icloud as I delated the old account. It WORKS, if your doing icloud between iPad, iMac, iPhone and iPod. On your iMac, you need to go onto your main iTune account to change your email as a username, once you do that then you need to go to your setting "System Prefrence" update your icloud user account that your using with itune user account. It associate the same account rather if you have itune or icloud. Now then on your iphone, ipad or ipod, have to do the same steps. If you store your things backup to your desktop which I do, you will be FINE!. I didnt have a problem, and don't freak out by doing this. Hope that helps

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    nice one Matt, worked like a charm.

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    Let's say you have two Apple IDs ( and You accidentally associated with your new iCloud account, but now you want to switch to You can switch iCloud IDs at any time. You have to make the change on all your devices in the following order. Let's say you have these devices: 


    --your Mac

    --your iPhone

    --your Mac Mail


    To prepare, sync all your devices to make sure you have copies of your contacts etc. in the cloud. Then you can delete and switch acounts on your devices, and your stuff will still be in the cloud.


    Step 1: your Mac. Go to System Preferences > iCloud > Sign Out. This will get rid of
    Then sign in with the account that you want to use, in this case,


    Step 2: your iPhone. Go to Iphone> Settings > iCloud. Tap on the account that you want to delete ( Scroll down to the red button. Delete. If it doesn't let you delete it, don't worry.

    Now go to Iphone>Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on the account that you want to remove ( Scroll down to the red button. Delete.

    Now go back to iPhone > Settings > iCloud. Add as your new iCloud account.

    Then go back to iPhone >Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Add in the accounts in this order: (the account you want for the cloud), (the account you want just as an email address).


    You may have to play around with the order that you do Step 2 (iPhone) in. The important thing is to delete the unwanted account in two iPhone Settings (iCLoud and Mail) and then add the account you want back in to the same two settings (iCloud and Mail). After you've got the account you want, you can add the other as an extra.


    Now to your Mac Mail.

    Back up/archive your Mac Mail just in case (though I don't think it's necessary-- I didn't lose anything when I did this procedure).

    First you need to delete all the email accounts that you're having confusion with ((in this case, and Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts, highlight the accounts in the left hand bar, use the minus button to delete.

    Logout and log back in.

    Now open Mail again and go back in to Mail > Preferences > Accounts. Using the plus button, add your accounts back, starting with the one you want as your iCloud account (in this case This account will load in automatically as your primary iCloud account . Then add the other email accounts (in this case, if you want to keep getting mail from it).


    Finally, ygo to iTunes and set up whichever account you want as your primary account.

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    This is how Matt's solution worked for me.


    Saturday I changed my Apple ID email at and verified my email. It was all synced... or so I thought... then when I was away from my computer on Sunday I kept getting warnings that my iPhone Photo Stream was not being backed up on iCloud because I wasn't signed in. iCloud still had my old email address and it would not let me change it. I could change the password, but not the email.


    So while still not connected to my computer I tried to delete the iCloud account and just put in my new Apple ID. This did not work either. because it kept asking me to sign in with my Apple ID, but wouldn't let me change the email.


    Today (Monday) I signed into with my new email address while having my iPhone connected to the computer with iTunes and just clicked on the update button. Then I opened up the settings on my iPhone (still connected) and I was able to delete my iCloud account and create a new one with my new email address. (BTW - Skater1405 mentioned having to turn all his contacts, email, etc. settings to off -- it worked fine for me not having to do that.)


    So you can change the information/email on your Apple ID at (which should be what you are using to sign into iTunes, too) and THEN change your iCloud email while you are connected to iTunes on your computer with your iPhone. Hope this helps anyone still having problems.

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    Guys, I believe a misunderstanding just occured! The problem is: "How to change which is the iCloud mail with not changing the original which is your apple ID."


    In my case, I can't sign in to my iCloud Mail at all. So I just want to remove my and create it once again to make it work. Because I think it didn't register on apple's servers properly due a bad internet connection. The interesting point is that I can sign in to iCloud by my, I just can't load Mail application at or load my iCloud mails on my iPhone 4S.


    I don't want to change my (My apple ID) because I will loose all of my purchases and of course, I will loose my which I love it. I just want to use my ******* iCloud mail service with my and that's all!! Every single other applications on iCloud works fine, just mail. What's wrong?

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    No no xfactor,


    You will not loose anything to change your apple id.


    I have changed my email address apple id with no problem.



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    If one does not want to change Apple ID  is it possible to change Cloud email address?



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