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  • makos Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks - the first sensible explanation.  And it worked.

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1 guys are missing it.


    You are right, if you go to Settings---iCloud, the ACCOUNT email address at the top IS correct. You are right in thatyou are changing this. But! This is just the email account affiliated with your iTunes account. NOT your icloud email address.


    Want to bet? Check here>>>Get back out of icloud and go to Settings>Email>Account ( click on Account button at top of page )


    Now you are at iCloud Account Information.


    SCROLL DOWN to bottom of that page.


    Under "ADVANCED" ---click on this Advanced button.


    NOW, you see your name and under your name you will see your real icloud email address.


    Which you CAN NOT change.


    NO matter what you do.


    And---this is the only email that is synced.




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  • joshstcyr Level 1 Level 1

    Right!  ^^^



    You can change it by "replacing information on this device" and syncing the iCloud address you wish from iTunes on your computer

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1

    No, you can't change it.


    Your icloud email has to be an address. This is the problem guys!!!


    Yes, you can change the email address associated with your itunes and icloud ACCOUNT. But this does not

    change your icloud email address to, for instance a address. YOu can not change this.


    That is the problem. Apple has it so you sign up for iCloud, but unless you use their @me address, your email

    is not syncing.


    See the following:




    This is why so many are trying to change it. But is is unchangable.



  • joshstcyr Level 1 Level 1

    Right. You can change it from a non working .mac to your iCloud .me.  Not to any other email.

  • j_yu Level 1 Level 1

    I can sign in with my iCloud @me email address as my apple ID on my mac, but when I try sign into my iCloud account on my iphone using the @me address, it goes back to my gmail apple ID. My @me address only appears under advanced > mail. Is there some way of signing in with the @me address as my icloud account?

  • Neto Level 2 Level 2

    Because the original email wasn't very specific, we end up with 7 pages of people shooting in all directions.


    Gmardre nail it.


    Forget about iCloud ID info...the email and password you use to login to iCloud.


    This is not the email we are trying to change.


    The question here is related to an email created when you first set up the iCloud account.


    This email, in the iPad, appears here:


    Settings -> iCloud -> Account - Under Advanced you will find Mail.


    Ok. This stupid and apparently useless email can't be changed or edited (at least not on the iPad) and is the one used by default when you send Notes or Photos on the iPad.


    I also try to change this email using the Apple ID editing page someone posted before, but oddly, the email shown on iPad wasn't there.


    Come on Apple couldn't be so hard to define what is you email of choice for the iCloud account.

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1



    You CAN change the default mail if you like. In my case, I changed it to my gmail account.

  will not be "in the cloud".


    So, I have this wonderful device, with cloud capability for email, but only with apple email.


    And....I would switch to .me mail, if it was set up in a browser like gmail and I could check it

    from any computer anywhere.


    But it's not.



  • Neto Level 2 Level 2



    Now I'm confused. :)

    are you saying that you login to iCloud with your apple Id and then your

    iCloud -> Account -> Advanced email is


    You mean...


    In your iphone or iPad, at the Photo App if you share a photo by email, the email created uses your gmail address bu default?!?


    If so, tell me how you did it because this is very strange, since at the iCloud does not allow you to edit that email.



    Regarding the use of .me email, did you try the Web version of iCloud? I found it nice...

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1



    My iCloud email is a .me address. Can't be changed. ( log on is a gmail address )


    You can change the default email to your non .me iCloud email account.


    Messages,Contscts, Calendars>Default Account>change to whatever. Mine is my gmail acct.


    Yes, to make an email for a letter or note, or pic... It uses my default address, gmail.


    But since it's not my .me acct it does not sync with my other devices. No iCloud use.


    Yes have tried web .me mail, but it won't work on iPad or iPhone, and yes I feel like an idiot

    Because as I wrote this I realized that I wouldn't need web mail on iOS devices. Sooooo maybe

    I'll have to reconsider my default, and just switch it all over to .me.......idk...

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1

    In fact, I could imap all other email accts to my .me acct.....


    That's probably what they want us to do.


    Then delete all other accts from iOS devices......


    We'll see...

  • Neto Level 2 Level 2



    My set up is:


    Apple ID

    iCloud email, (can't change it)


    Default e-mail account on iDevices: IMAP

    in fact, the same as Apple ID


    But - and that is what is making me crazy - even with a default account set to my external (non .me) account

    every picture or note that I try to send opens a new email with the iCloud email in From: field by default.


    I am able to chose the external e-mail manually changing the From: field...but, come on...since I chose my external email as the default, it should use it for every email I sent, and thats not the case ONLY for notes and pictures.

  • gmardre Level 1 Level 1

    Hh hmmm,...


    Mine shows the From address as my gmail, or default address.


    But, I am not using IMAP for my gmail account.


    If you do not want your .me to show as the From address, UP-imap the account.



    However, your sit further encourages me to iMap my gmail account, it will migrate me to .me

    and I will have cloud syncing and backup.





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  • Jackie 1251 Level 1 Level 1

    Matt Curtis's idea worked perfectly for me! I was trying to change my old email address to my new one. So all I had to do was delete the iCloud account and sign in with my new address.

  • peterfromlaguna niguel Level 1 Level 1

    You could get a new apple id - and basically re-set-up again

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