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Hi Everyone,


I've just bought a iwire minidisplay port to HDMI cable (wonderful I got to say), but somthing strange happens when I connect my MBP13"MI2010 to the TV.


The TV is a Panasonic - TX-PF46G20S. When I'm browsing in finder for some seconds, a "gneeeeeeeeeeeee" sound come from the TV. If I manually switch off the Panasonic Screen (leaving Itunes woking behind so I can here the music from the TV) the gneeeee becomes swiched off.


if I'm watching a video file, no "gneeee" sound. I bet the issue is the still image of the mac desktop as the source of that noise, but it's not normal to me.


I want to undestand if the cause is the MBP or the panasonic. If it is the panasonic, I should activate the garantie.. if the MBP13", I don't know really what to do.

Waiting for better Video card driver ?


Some help and suggestion will be very appriciated :-)