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So I'm thinking of getting one of the new 15 or 17 inch MBPs with quad-core i7.


I'm seeing reports here and elsewhere on the web that these machines run exceptionally hot and produce constant, annoying fan noise as a result.


Question 1: does anyone have one of these machines and is not experiencing such problems?  If so, please post here, so I can get a sense of how widespread (or not) these problems are.


Question 2: If having a cooler, quieter machine is my priority, would buying a refurb 2009 Core2Duo or a 2010 i7 be a better option?



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    I have my Mac Book Pro for less than 12 months and after not much unusual use it has just recently started making noise and getting warm if not hot.

    I will have it checked before it crashes on me

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    The 2011 MBP has issues for quite a few users - though some are perfectly happy with it. If you're from somewhere hot, the 2011 may not be your cup of tea.


    1. I don't own one of these machines, but there are several threats - some quite long - relating to this issue. You can find one of the best here:




    2. Later in the above thread, toward the end, the Genius came up with a solution that seemed perfectly sensible: trade it in for a 2010 MBP, which runs cooler. I have a 2009 MBP, and while this isn't as fast, it's stable and cool. I like both the 2009 and 2010 MBP, can't go wrong with either. Refurbs can be very cost effective.