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Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)

Occasionally when I write an e-mail I will use underlines and strikethrough's using the formatting tools provided in Apple Mail.


These show up perfectly when I'm composing my e-mail, however they never show up for the recipient.  I have even sent myself an e-mail, the underlines and strikethrough's are not there.


How can I fix this?

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,200 points)

    Have you made sure that in the New Message pane you set a font and size different from what is already set in Mail > Preferences?  I think that is required for the outgoing to actually include the rich text codes you want to send.

  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)

    You fixed it for me.


    I don't understand why the software works like this.  My favorite font is Veranda.  So that is what I have my preferences set to.


    So it would appear that if I want to do underlines and strike through's I need to set my DEFAULT font to something that I will NEVER use.


    Seems illogical to me.

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,200 points)

    Ziatron wrote:


    So it would appear that if I want to do underlines and strike through's I need to set my DEFAULT font to something that I will NEVER use.


    Seems illogical to me.


    Yes!  And it has been that way since 10.4 too :-)


    Someone has recently made an app...



  • Pb60 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem, and i have no idea what you are talking about in your reply, sorry.


    This is frustrating because i really needed to underline important words and phrases in my email!




    thanks for any help you can offer.

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,200 points)

    Change the font in the New Message pane to something different than what you have in Mail Preferences and then underline it.

  • mklement0 Level 1 (0 points)

    Incredibly, Mail.app as of OS X 10.8.5 still ignores certain styles applied to emails being composed when *sending* them - while composing, everything *appears* fine.

    In other words: your carefully applied styles during message composition may get quietly discarded when your message is sent.

    To see what actually got sent, check the Sent folder (which, obviously, is too late…).


    This is clearly a bug and I will file a report with Apple.


    It seems that only the application of *certain* styles cause Mail.app to retain *all* styles in the message being composed.


    For instance: As long as the message contains at least 1 *bold or italic* character, all styles are retained. Also, changing the size of any characters causes all styles to be retained.


    By contrast, having only any combination of underlined and strike-through text without any other styles present will cause neither style to be applied.


    In other words: there are certain *trigger* styles that must be used in order to retain *any* - and thereby all - styles.


    Workaround: Create a signature that contains at least 1 bold or italic character. Note that, unfortunately, Mail.app (as of OS X 10.8.5) does NOT accept a signature composed of spaces only (it either discards them quietly or quietly reverts to the previous content), so your signature must contain at least 1 non-space character; you can, however, apply boldface to a trailing space (in other words: the non-space character(s) need not be bolded themselves).

  • Parasprite Level 1 (0 points)

    Alternatively, you could probably use a period or even some random character like ◧ and change the font color to white.


    I say "probably" because I couldn't get it to apply any signatures, even ones that say "name@email.com" or "something something sent from my Mac Mini".


    But changing the font to size 13 on-the-fly works well enough for me, and doesn't look alltogether different.