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I am new to Mac and trying to set up the new Mac for Video Editing.

I tried buying Quicktime from the Apple site - but it wont accept my Australian phone number, I tried everything but it would not take my money. Finally I called some friends and they said it was because of different pricing arrangements and said I had to load my software from the Australian shop. What the? - so instead of paying $29, I went to the Australian online shop - which charges $49. Ok, I got over that after some ranting.


Then it says when I 'buy' it, it will send me a password to enter into Quicktime 7 Preferences - but First it says I need to download Quicktime 7. So I did that, but it refuses to load this, as the Mac says to me that there is ALREADY Quicktime X loaded on my machine. So I look - and yes I have Quicktime 10.

So if I have ten and I cant get 7, how do I upgrade to Pro?

The entire object is to set up Final Cut Pro - however I need to convert all the other types of movies that FCP cant handle. And I am led to believe Quicktime PRO 7 does that to at least some of the videos I have.


I have heaps I need to use - and they are


.avi    (which I want to use Quicktime Pro to convert)










But - to start with - how do I get PRO to load?

Quicktime PRO, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Did your Mac come with Snow Leopard Installed... ?


    If it did you may find QT Pro 7 in your Utilities Folder in Applications...


    Also See these Links they may be helpful:


    You can get Quicktime 7 Pro Here:



    See this Link for more Info:




  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 (52,237 points)

    Final Cut Pro users get a complimentary QT Pro upgrade. It's known as a "Pro Users" registration.

    Your WMP (Windows Media Player) files will need third party software purchase (Flip4Mac).

    Your Flash Video will require Perian.

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    Thanks everyone,

    Any ideas how I get to do this "Pro users download".


    I had a list of processes - first I downloaded Perian - seems its just a bunch of codecs, I had also got Flip4Mac, not sure if its the right version. Now the laborious process of trying a file, seeing if FCP will open it - if not, then go through all similar ones and change them all not sure what is best yet.

    Reading video forums they seem to say comvert it to the format according to to the project, however I dont want to wait till I have 3 hours to do a project to suddenly be fiddling with all my archived footage, so I have to convert it all now. Any ideas? I think I will go through it ALL and put it all on a new externall HDD, so I know that it is all FCP ready.

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    I found QT 7 on my Install disc and loaded it - this time it worked and so in the Utilities folder I have QT7 and in Applications QT 10.


    Now I need to convert the QT 7 to PRO. I see where to enter the codes, however where do I get the codes - you say its free for FCP users. I tried the online support system, clicked this filled in everything except my shoe size, but after all that  merry go around at at the end it says to me "options available to you: call later.... and thats it. So I am back here....

    Any suggestions on how to register PRO - if I am a FCP user?

  • PerthBoat Level 1 (0 points)

    According to the various support notes - if I have FCP installed first (I have) and then I install QT7, it should automatically become PRO. It doesnt. So now what?

    Any ideas?

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    Hi PerthBoat,


    Open QT 7 Pro... goto Preferences... Registration...


    Do you see this...


    Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 9.14.45 PM.png


    Notice the PRO over the QT Icon and  Apple Pro Apps User   at the bottom


    If you see those... you have QT 7 Pro...


    And you can just start using it...



  • Jon Walker Level 6 (18,378 points)

    According to the various support notes - if I have FCP installed first (I have) and then I install QT7, it should automatically become PRO. It doesnt. So now what?

    Any ideas?

    Re-run the FCP installation. I believe it has to "see" QT 7 while installing before the FCP installer will upgrade the QT 7 Player to QT 7 Pro. (Same solution if the automatic "Pro" registration is lost during OS upgrade/installation.)


    With Regard to QT 7 registration, if you actually purchased a QT 7 "Pro" key and did not receive the email with registration name and key number, then contact customer service at the online Apple store where you purchased the key. (Be sure to have purchaser order information available.) Non-receipt of confirmation email may indicate the "key" was not properly generated. If they can confirm this, then your money should be refunded and, since you no longer need the key with FCP use, you should be good to go...



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    Thanks Jon,

    Um - so I go back to the Apps store and - um - and what? How do you reload an app that is already loaded? As FCP X comes from the App store - its not like any other software installation....


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    Ask a new question in the Final Cut Communities about the free QuickTime upgrade in regard to X.

    It may be another feature they've left out of X. All of the previous Final Cut versions did include a Pro upgrade. Don't really know about FC X.

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    Video Editing... try using HandBrake... much better and accepts more file formats, and is free!

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    How do you reload an app that is already loaded? As FCP X comes from the App store - its not like any other software installation....


    Sorry. Initial assumption was that you were working with classic version of FCP Suite package. Still, my take on the "Apps" purchase software was that there was a built-in mechanism to keep track of purchases and re-install them in the event of deletion and/or platform upgrade. Would appreciate feedback regarding this if you can confirm it one way or the other at a later time based on your personal experience. Also, if you have the time, would appreciate initial impressions of the FCP X app as I am considering installation of this app on newest system just purchased. (You can email me at my profile address if you prefer.)



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    Thanks - will do

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    Been searching everywhere - seems this Apple Store / App store thing stumps everyone. In the Apple Store it says I havent bought anything - so I cant get any passcodes to Pro. The App store says I have bought it so cant download it again, cant reload it because its already there. Around and around I go and whether I will get QT Pro - nobody knows....

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    Have you Seen this Article:


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