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I have had my iPad 2 for a month now and have noticed very light scratches in the screen. I am using an official Apple smart cover. I always have my smart cover on my iPad unless I am using it. I believe this could have happened because dust got under the smart cover when I put it on. Can I get my screen replaced by apple? I am willing to pay.

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    First, are you sure they're actually scratches and not just streaks? You've tried cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth or other lint-free cloth and not been able to remove the marks? I've been using a smart cover with my iPad and given how it operates can't really see how debris would be dragged across the screen so as to actually scratch, though I can't say it's impossible.


    Anyway, if the screen is indeed scratched, you'd have to pay Apple's flat replacement charge, or look for an independent service center to replace the screen. You can see Apple's charge by going here and selecting your country: