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What does a continuously fast flashing status light mean? The status light above the power button on the front of my mac pro has started continuously flashing and the computer will not boot. It does not hit the disk at all and the display (30" Cinema) power light is constant, I tried reseating the DRAM cards and the graphic card but no change, I even tried booting without a graphic but no luck it is stuck it seems prior to any low level activity at all.


anyone know what I can try next

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), early 2008 mac pro
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    I need help with this too.  Any answers?



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    Check your Users Guide. The Mac Pro 2010 version has this to say:



    If the status light flashes and the computer doesn’t start up


    Â If          you          recently          installed          memory,          a          PCI          expansion          card,          or          another          internal          

    component,          make          sure          that          it          is          correctly          installed          and          that          it          is          compatible          with          your          

    computer.          See          if          removing          it          allows          the          computer          to          start          up.


    Â If          the          status          light          still          flashes,          determine          the          number          of          flashes          to          identify          the          problem:

    One short flash followed by a longer off period:           No          valid          memory.

    Three short flashes followed by a longer off period:                    Failed          memory.

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    Well I've got an appointment at my local Apple Store in one hour, failed memory or not.


    So weird though: it was on and working fine, I went out to pick up a sandwich, come back, and this.