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Hello all,


A few months back I changed the e-mail address associated with my Apple ID because I no longer have access to my old email account. Shortly thereafter, however, I received error messages on my iPod Touch when I try to sign into the App Store. Here's a rundown of what happens:


Settings > Store > Sign In > Use Existing Apple ID


Here I enter the new email and password, which works when I sign onto


When I tap 'Enter,' it responds: "You have not verified your Apple ID. Tap OK to review the instructions on how to verify your Apple ID."


I tap 'OK.' New screen says: "Email Verification - An email has been sent..." and at the bottom it reads, "Your Email has already been validated succesfully. Thank you."


The only thing I can do is click 'Done,' which returns me back to the App Store without being signed in. If I try to update or download apps, or sign into my Apple ID account in any way, I am returned to the message that I have not verified my email address (which it then admits I previously have). 


I visited my local Apple Store to inquire what I should do, and we realized I had the old email still on my Apple ID account. I was told to delete it and make sure I sign out of my account and then back in with the new email. I deleted the old email. Then I signed out of my accounts on my iPod Touch, iTunes, and the App store on my Macbook. I then synced my Touch again. However...


Now I am unable to sign into my Apple ID on iTunes and the App Store on both my Macbook and my iPod Touch. All of these applications send me into the loop where it tells me to verify the email, then that the email is already verified, then back to square one.


The original verification email still sits in my inbox. It reads "

Dear ,


You've entered [address deleted] as the contact email address for your AppleID. To complete the process, we just need to verify that this email address belongs to you. Simply click the link below and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

- Hide quoted text -




Verify Now >






My Apple ID







Verify your email address.


Email address previously verified.















Already verified. This is really frustrating because I can no longer download or update Apps, purchase music, or use my Apple ID really in any way. The only time my email address and password work are on


I considered just creating a new Apple ID, resetting my Touch completely and redownloading all my unpaid apps - but I don't want to create another email address just for that purpose.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything Apple can do? Thank you!!!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Note: similar posts at and did not work for me. When I click 'Resend' to get a new verification email from, nothing happens. I am not sent another verification email. And, as I stated in my original post, the original verification email puts me back into the loop.


    Because these issues dealt with having multiple email addresses associated with the Apple ID, and to check whether or not I would receive verification emails, I went back and added an email address. A verification email was sent and I easily added it to my account. Then I was able to delete it address as well. I do not understand why it is unable to work with my primary email address.

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    My friend, I wrestled with this problem for hours. Yours is the exact problem I was dealing with.


    This is the solution. I'm FINALLY back in.


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    opp sorry

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    i have the same exact problem...

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    i have a similar problem my apple id works on my laptop and i can open my account and do everything but as soon as iam set it up on my new ipod doesnt recognized and shows a message that says INCORRECT APPLE ID OR PASSWORD but i know is not incorrect cos iam using it on my laptop and works??? i dont know what to do please helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Same problem.  Given the number of others reporting similar problems today and yesterday, clearly a sytemwide problem.  Apple better get on it.

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    Seems like so many are having the same problem, but Apple has not offered any advice or statements yet.  I was also asked to verify my apple id, but no email arrived and I have been locked out of my itunes account and icloud ever since...this apple id has been verified for many years already and it makes no sense that it needs re-verification.  I researched my account at http:// and found that my original apple id ( was still associated with my current email address, which happens to be my current apple id as well.  (This merging occurred a few years ago at the request of Apple, mind you.  I did not choose to make this change.  But now my original apple id and my current email address are no longer merged for access itunes account.) 


    So, I reverified my original apple id which asked for a password change and credit card information for itunes.  I reluctantly did this simply to have access to itunes...but, this created a "NEW" itunes account that is no longer linked to my regular itunes account that I am currently locked out of.  (Strangely, the email address associated with my account is the same as my old account....I am totally confused now)


    I then signed into my iCloud account, through my iphone, using the account.  And now that part works.  But still locked out of itunes account.

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    Same thing with me.  All of a sudden, like 10/20/2011, I couldn't sign into iTunes or the App store.  Read all of the associated posts and no luck.  I now have a customer support rep (via e-mail)looking at the issue.  Even called the 1-800 number but was informed that there is a SERVER problem which is being attended to and to call back in about 2 hours.  I don't get the server problem since I was able to "create" yet another Usid and sign on to the tunes.  However, I cannot update any apps and I'm praying that I don't have to buy Lion again since the new Usid is not associated with my computer!!!!   I'm going to avoid iCloud until this issue is resolved and I can get back my regular OLD user id.  Will keep everyone posted.


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    Sent an e-mail to iTunes Store<> and they were very helpful.  They were able to reset my password and now I am able to log onto both the App Store and iTunes with my original user id.  I still have yet to get a confirmation e-mail but at least it is now working.  Would recommend to others to send an e-mail to Apple.  It will take about 24-36 hrs to get everything straightened out!



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    im having th same problem it says my email has already been verified with another apple id idk y?n i keep trying to verify it and that keeps popping out

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    I am having the same problem.  My apple id ends in   I never used it as an email account. So, I wasn't really on top of the mobile me merger.  I recently bought the iphone4s and set up icloud. I set up a new email account that i would like to be my primary.  I cannot do it.  (Or won't let me.)


    For some reason, I can receive emails sent to my email account on my iphone 4s.  I cannot send emails from this account.  Every time I try to send an email from my 4s with my email account, I get this message:


    "Sender Address rejected by server"


    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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    hey. can i ask you. because i cant verify my account in apple id, how can i verify it .. please answer ? thanks

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    My finally works by doing two things:  Contacting Apple help about the verification loop (I don't know what they did, if anything) as well as using my origional ID to verify instead of my email.  Hope this helps.

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    why i can't verify my account i sent my email 1week ago but i did not receive any verification success^^

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