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How do I stop my iPad from kicking out of an app while I'm using it. Like while I'm playing Angry Birds it will kick back to my main screen.

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    Try a reset: Push and hold the Home button and the Sleep/On/Off buttons for approximately 15 seconds until the Apple logo reappears.



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    It's crashing either your iPad is "stressed" or its the app

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    I've noticed this problem lately too on my iPad2.  Using Google Earth, games and browsers will sometimes kick me out too.  Frustrating because it's happening more frequent now.

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    Try quitting some apps. Double tap the home button to bring up the task bar at the bottom. Your recent apps will be in that bar. Tap and hold down on the Angry Birds icon until it begins to wiggle. Then tap the minus sign in the corner of the icon to close the app. Continue closing all of your apps the same way. Then tap the home button and the icons will stop wiggling. Tap the home screen.


    Now restart the iPad. Hold down on the slep button until the red slider appears end then slide to shut off. Then hold down on the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button and the iPad will restart. Try the game again.


    One other tip I have read recently is to download a free app - any one - doesn't matter - try your app - then delete the free app if you don't want it. See if that helps.


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    MLay76 here, I reset my ipad, and all seems to be well.  I recommend anyone having problems follow the instructions above and then reset your ipad.  Thank you guys who responded to this.  This is my wifes ipad accually, we gave it to her for Christmas, and she uses it for work constantly.  Thanks again.

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    I went ahead and resetted and when it went blank for awhile I was worried the information on the iPad2 would be deleted but when it finally returned to normal everything was still there (programs and informations).  Thanks for the assistance.  The programs don't kick me out anymore and everything works well again. 

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    You're welcome.



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    I have the original iPad & have been having the same issue for weeks nowb I am really getting frustrated.


    At first I thought maybe it was just the app & I needed to update it.

      -- Nope. Not it. Not only did it not show up as 1 of the apps that needed an update, but it started happening to alot of my apps. Nothing worse than finally beating a level of your game & having it suddenly quit & lose everything.


    Then I thought maybe I didn't have the right IOS.

      -- Nope. Not it. I've checked in my settings & it says I have the latest (5.1.1).  Still not convinced, I plugged into my laptop to sync & hope there was an update. Nope. Says I have the latest version.


    Then I think it's a memory thing. So I start going thru & deleting apps I don't really use anymore.

      -- Nope. No help. Turns out I'm not even using half my available memory.


    So I start researching what the Internet says latest IOS is. I find out it says the latest iPad operating version is IOS 6.

      -- I get excited because I think I found the reason. Nope! Turns out that the original iPads can't update to the IOS 6. :(  They can't go higher than the 5.1.1 that I already have. Now I'm really not happy.


    I decide to google my problem & see if I'm the only one this is happening to.

      -- Nope! I find this is happening to a lot of people. I see all the different advice: clear the app tray, restart your iPad, check your memory... Though I'm grateful for people trying to help, none of it works. :(


    I am really getting frustrated!!!! It's taken everything I have to not throw the dang thing off a balcony. I can't really enjoy doing anything on it anymore. Almost every game I get into, it randomly quits. Especially aggravating when it's a game that has limited play.


    I really hope Apple fixes this!!!! I love Apple & all my gear is Apple products. But I don't really have the funds to just drop money on a newer one that does actually work. My iPad is still in perfect shape in every other way. I really can't afford to just go out & buy one because they don't want to give us a functioning updated operating system.


    APPLE, please help!!!! I beg you!!!