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I recently had a problem with my iPhone, so I took it in to Apple and they replaced it with a new phone. I brought the phone home and tried to restore it to my last back up. About a minute into the restoring process, a message pops up on my iPhone that says "There was a problem during restore." Then it tells me to restart the phone and try to restore it again. Then I get a message on the computer saying the phone was disconnected during the restore process.

I've tried this process 4 or 5 times now and I keep getting the same message. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to restore my phone?


Also, I saw a video on youtube that said you could fix this problem by opening the hosts file in finder and deleting the gs.apple lines. The only problem is when I opened the hosts file there were no gs.apple lines.

iPhone 4
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    Exactly the same problem for me - except mine is the same phone, not a new phone.


    I had to wipe my iPhone clean and so later tried to restore it, opting to restore from previous backup. During the restore of previous backup data I get the message on my iPhone "Restore Failed. There was a problem during restore. Please restart your iPhone and try restoring again."


    No matter how many times I perform the restore, I get the same message. There is NO error number, and there is NO error in iTunes - only on the iPhone screen. I too have no gs.apple.com entries in the hosts file on my Mac.


    I have restored the iPhone backup file itself from several different points in time from my TimeMachine backups, but all of them produce the same result.