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Tim Pentreath Level 1 Level 1

Hi all


I'm getting confused as to whether this is possible or not? I've set up an air disk on my 5th gen Airport Extreme and have given it the Airport Extreme password access.


In Time Machine, having mounted the AirDisk, when I try to choose that drive to be the Time Machine drive it asks me for a username and password. The username is pre filled in my my short name, but what password do I use? The Airport Extreme one? Or my user one? When I try the former I get this "Keychain error -25307 occurred when creating a System Keychain entry for the Username "Tim" and URL "afp://...". When I try my account password it just says it's the wrong username and/or password...


But the annoying thing is that I'm sure I had it working at one point... Could I have done? Does Time Machine in Leopard backup to AirDisks? I've read that it doesn't.


Any help would be gratefully received as I'd really like to get this working!





iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)