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    Bad problem with my 4 AOL accounts. My main AOL account will not send but will receive emails. The other 3 work ok. Best thing to do is delete ALL the STMP's under each account and reload the accounts from scratch. If that does not work then delete ALL the email accounts then check to make sure ALL the STMP's are deleted. This is a very mysterious issue. Apple was useless and so was AOL.

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    TNSPRINTREP,  re:aol settings Your steps for POP3 also worked on my iphone5S.

    Thank you VERY much for your posting this! I also have a gmail account on my iphone.

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    Has anyone been able to figure this out?


    My coworker has had all the problems as described above. Able to log into AOL account through AOL's website but not on Mail app, phone or wherever IMAP services are required. We've checked and triple checked Mail app settings, SSL box not checked, set to 143 port. Still asks for password even though the password she puts in is correct.


    Same with phone. Deleted account, tried to log back in - nothing. Tried to do with Sprint guy's POP3 but to no success.


    Cannot reset the router because it's the company's and that would put everyone here out of internet.


    Tried calling AOL on several different numbers but none of them pick up. Wow Aol. Just trying to lose customers aren't you?

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